Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

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Hispanic Heritage Month

Did you know that Hispanic Heritage Month began as Hispanic Heritage Week? The late president Lyndon Johnson signed a proclamation establishing the week of celebrations into law in 1968, and in 1988 the celebration was later expanded to a full 30 days. September 15th is the kick-off to this celebration and carries special significance as it was on September 15, 1821 when several Central American nations declared their independence from Spain.

Hispanic Heritage Month is a great opportunity to learn about the rich history, art, and traditions of the Hispanic and Latinx cultures. Here are some ideas on ways you can explore the vast flavors, sounds, and incredible stories.

Visit a restaurant: Latinx food reflects the enormous social diversity resulting from Latin America’s history, and has an important role in the ideal of cultural citizenship. With so many countries and varieties to choose from, you’ll need 30 days to try them all! From tacos to arepas, arroz con gandules to tamales, there are so many possibilities and traditional flavors to choose from. Whether it be a restaurant or food truck, make it a date night and explore the sabores of history.

Take a dance lesson

What better way to feel the rhythm than through music. Let your feet guide the way or just have fun trying.  Take a lesson at a local dance studio, visit a nightclub, or try an online video tutorial and let the rhythm move you with salsa, bachata, tango, cha-cha, or rumba.

Watch a film

There are so many films that can transport you to various Latin American countries in which you can enjoy with your families, such as Disney’s Coco or Encanto, or a National Geographic documentary like The Lost City of Machu Picchu. Grab some palomitas and enjoy a rich cultural experience from the comfort of your home.

Go to a local festival

These are a great way to take your family out for some music, food, atmosphere, and wholesome fun! If your local town hosts a festival commemorating Hispanic and Latinx heritage, go check it out and enjoy the festivities.

Read a book

One of the ways you can learn about Hispanic and Latinx culture is by reading about influential individuals who have made an impact on society. Local libraries often have websites that offer recommendations for the monthly celebrations and allow you to search their collections of books, videos, music, and more. You can even schedule virtual or online learning experiences themed to Hispanic Heritage Month… and all for free!

There are so many ways you can celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and further develop an understanding of the cultural diversity we live in. Throughout this month, we encourage you to find creative ways to celebrate the achievements, histories, and contributions of both past and current Hispanic and Lantinx leaders within your communities.

At the core foundation of Partners is our belief in diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. We are proud allies of our Business Employee Resource Groups such as the ¡HOLA!, where we support events for our cast and Members. We will be supporting Hispanic Heritage Month with events and tables across Florida and California markets on Disney properties. If you see a Partners table, stop by and learn more about how we are here for you, how you need us, where you need us, and when you need us. Hasta pronto!

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