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Partners Difference

Why choose a credit union?

While there are many choices of banks to select from, Partners is proud to be a part of the unique credit union family that operates as a not-for-profit organization, allowing us to give back to our Membership. We continue to serve as the voice of our Members providing commitment and support.

With the foundation of Members, communities, businesses, and legislatures, credit unions provide a full-range of financial products and services with low-to-no fees, and competitive rates. Partners is committed to staying connected with the important issues that affect our Members.

What exactly is a credit union?

Banks vs. credit unions


Credit unions have a community of affiliates and regulatory institutions equipped and ready to support our Membership and other credits unions around the nation. Check out some great resources available to you!

Credit Unions vs. Banks: See the difference

Partners Federal Credit Union Banks
Fees Fewer fees, better rates More fees, less competitive rates
Who can join Anyone in our field of membership Anyone can open an account
Type of Organization Not-for-profit For-profit
Who owns it Members Investors or Stockholders
Board of Directors Unpaid volunteers Highly paid employees
Deposits federally insured by NCUA ($250k) FDIC ($250k)

3 generations of family members

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