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College Saver Certificate

Start early and earn more.

Available to Partners Members with Little Partners or Partners Jamz accounts. Start preparing for the future by saving money for college or higher education.

  • Minimum $500 to open and earn dividends
  • Terms from 24 - 60 months
  • Allows unlimited deposits of $25 or more
Visit a branch or schedule an appointment to open an account.

Withdrawals prior to maturity date are subject to a withdrawal penalty if the withdrawal is prior to the minor’s 17th birthday.  Certificates can be automatically renewed at the prevailing rate upon maturity. 
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Partners Savings Planner

Save for something you need, like an emergency fund or annual taxes. Or perhaps it’s something you really want like a new car or fun family vacation. By creating scheduled transfers with our Partners Savings Planner, you’ll reach your goal before you know it.

  1. Set Your Goal based on what you already have saved, your savings goal, and when you need it by.
  2. Create Your Account and add a nickname like "Emergency Fund" or "Hawaii Trip". You can rename it at anytime.
  3. Get Started Planning by creating automated transfers and get alerts when you reach your savings goal!