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Auto Loans

For wherever the road takes you.

Partners is your one-stop shop for all things auto loans – buying, financing, insuring, and more. Not only can you finance your car with us to get a lower and more competitive rate than most dealerships, we will ensure your payment is as low as possible, and customize your loan to the best of our ability.

Use our complimentary auto buying concierge service to find your next car, and when you're ready to insure your vehicle, we can help with that too. 

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Save More with Partners

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Customize Your Loan

With Partners, you’ll not only get a low interest rate, but you can also customize your loan your way.

  • No Payments for 90 Days1 – Defer your first payment up to 90 days
  • More flexible terms2
  • Take Advantage of Rate Discounts - Save on your interest rate when you finance an alternate fuel vehicle.
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Specialty Vehicles

Sure, we offer home and auto loans, but when the need arises for smaller purchases, motorcycles, or even recreation vehicles & boats – Partners has the best solution. Best of all, we can arrange monthly terms that make your dreams affordable.

  • Low rates for low monthly payments
  • Fixed repayment terms for easy planning
  • Quick and simple application, and even faster approvals

Auto and Loan Protection

Not only can you finance your car with us to get a lower rate and more affordable payment, but you can also purchase loan protection and insurance at a fraction of the cost. Before visiting the dealership, contact us to get a quote.

  • Partners Loan Protection protects your payments in the event you’re laid off, sick or injured, or pass away unexpectedly.
  • Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance protects your loan if your vehicle is totaled or stolen. If your insurance only pays a portion of your remaining loan balance, GAP insurance will pay the difference.
  • Major Mechanical Protection (MMP) is a warranty service we offer that protects your car beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • TruStage® Auto Insurance connects you to the best insurance quote available while providing discounts to Credit Union Members.

1Payment deferment subject to credit rating. Interest will accrue during the deferment period and becomes due once payments begin.
2Limitations and restrictions apply. On approved credit only. Existing Partners loans not eligible for refinance or offer. We reserve the right to extend the term of the loan in order to lower monthly payments. 

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