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Board of Directors

Meet Our Board

The Board of Directors is dedicated to ensuring the direction of the Credit Union is what will best serve our Members, today and tomorrow.
Cindy Lutrel headshot
Cindy Luttrell
Jaye Thompson headshot
Vice Chairperson
Jaye Thompson
Alden Weiss headshot
Alden Weiss
Mark Gustovich headshot
Board Member
Mark Gustovich
Deborah Bales headshot
Board Member
Deborah Bales

Board Member
Jennifer Baucher
Bob Cunningham
Board Member
Bob Cunningham
Andre Hale headshot
Board Member
André Hale
Tom Tancredi headshot
Board Member
Tom Tancredi

Board Member
Jack Yellin
Tracy Montoya headshot
Board Member
Tracy Montoya
headshot of Olivier Flament
Board Member
Olivier Flament