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Introducing Partners new virtual voice assistant, ELI. Over the phone, Members are able to get answers to everything from balance information, to making payments, to seeing if checks have cleared with speed and efficiency, available 24/7, even on holidays.

When calling 800.948.6677, have your account number and access code ready, ensure you're calling from a quiet area, and tell ELI why you've called.

  • Check my balance
  • My recent transactions
  • Make a payment
  • Change my access code
  • And more!
You can also send us a secure message within Online Banking or schedule an in-branch or virtual appointment to get in touch with a Partners representative.

Who is ELI? 
Inspired by Walter Elias Disney, who did more to touch the hearts and minds of millions of people around the world than any other man in the past century, “ELI”, an acronym for Enhanced Learning Intelligence, is a virtual voice assistant who embodies the Partners voice: friendly, helpful, experienced, and caring. ELI will help you by providing balance and transaction information, assistance with making payments, and more with speed and efficiency. 
Why is Partners introducing ELI?
ELI will expedite phone interactions by allowing Members to get their questions answered more quickly and efficiently. With the help of ELI, our goal is to create seamless interactions for you any time of day.
How does ELI work?
When calling 800.948.6677, simply begin by asking ELI a question or tell him why you’ve called and he’ll search to find the answer for you. ELI is more advanced than old, automated phone systems and you can speak to him naturally. 
What types of questions can ELI answer? 
  • Finding Partner’s routing number
  • How to find your account number
  • Checking your account balance
  • Checking the status of your deposit
  • Checking your transaction history
  • Transferring funds from one Partners account to another
  • Making a credit card or loan payment
  • And more!
When you call us, how long must you wait to communicate with ELI? 
Since there is no wait time, each call is "first" in line. 

How does ELI verify me?
You will enter your account number and access code, when logging into telephone banking. If enrolling for the first time, you must know your account number, last 4 of SSN for the primary account holder, zip code and date of birth.

Is ELI easy to use? 
Yes, although ELI is not a human, ELI will ask if you need further assistance, slow down and speed up on request, repeat information if required, and ask if you are still there. 

Is ELI secure?
Yes! During certain transaction requests, ELI will need to ask questions to authenticate your identity.
What if ELI cannot answer my question? 
If ELI doesn't have an answer, you can be transferred to a Partners Representative. Specialized topics may need a human with the skill to provide guidance and recommendations. Examples include completing a wire, taking a distribution from an IRA, or discussing the status of a loan.
Can I speak to a Partners Representative instead?
ELI can always smartly transfer or connect you with one of our Partners Representatives during normal business hours.

When does ELI work best?
ELI is actively listening to recognize your voice and may have trouble understanding you if you are in an area with background noise. Calling from a quiet area works best when talking to ELI.
For your convenience, we have dedicated phone lines for our most popular services.

Member Services

  • Call 800.948.6677, available 24/7
    • Member Service Inquiries
    • Account Inquiries
    • Visa® Debit/Credit Card Services
    • Bank-By-Phone
    • Loan Applications
    • Partners Retirement & Wealth Management
  • Disney Tie-Line 8220.5100
  • International Inquiries 407.354.5100
Other Services

  • Mechanical Breakdown Protection Claims: Mercury 1.800.654.8455
  • Mechanical Breakdown Protection Claims: EFG 1.800.527.1984 (for members who purchased prior to 04/03/2023)
  • Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Los Angeles 800.750.2227
  • Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Central Florida and the Florida Gulf Coast, Inc. 800.741.7040
  • Mortgage Servicing (1st Mortgage, HELOAN) 877.877.7489
  • Home Insurance Claims 866.222.8118
  • Loan Payments - Make a Payment
To report a lost or stolen Partners card (debit, credit, or ATM) or to report account fraud, call 800.449.7728.
Corporate Administration
Partners Federal Credit Union
100 North First St, Ste. 400
Burbank, CA 91502

Partners Federal Credit Union
13705 International Drive South
Orlando, FL 32821

Account Correspondence
Partners Federal Credit Union
PO Box 10000
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-1000

Partners Account Deposits
Partners Federal Credit Union
13705 International Drive South
Orlando, FL 32821

Partners Loan Payments
Partners Federal Credit Union
13705 International Drive South
Orlando, FL 32821

Partners VISA® Payments
PO Box 37035
Boone, IA 50037

Partners Home Mortgage Payments (1st Mortgage, HELOAN)
Partners Federal Credit Union (FL Loans)
PO Box 11733
Newark, NJ 07101-4733

Partners Federal Credit Union (CA Loans)
P.O. Box 54040
Los Angeles, CA 90054