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Fraud & Merchant Disputes

Your safety & security is our priority.

At Partners, the safety and security of your personal information and accounts is our first priority – but the very best defense in preventing fraud is for you to be well educated on how to safeguard your data and know the signs of a potential scam. In addition to general tips here, we provide our Members with more specific and up-to-date information by email and on our blog.

Fraud Prevention Tips

  • Update your contact information regularly so we can notify you immediately if we detect unusual or suspicious activity on your account.
  • Use Online Banking and the Mobile App to view your account activity and check your balance on the go.
  • Only send account and personal information on secure messaging channels like a secure Online Banking message.
  • View your statements regularly by going paperless and enrolling for free e-Statements.

Steps to Take After Fraud is Detected

If you feel that you've become a victim of fraud or identity theft, please act swiftly.

  • Report the identity theft to us immediately
  • Use your Mobile App to immediately turn your card off 
  • Cancel your card(s) to prevent further fraud transactions 
  • Balance your account for accuracy
  • If you would like to dispute a charge or report fraud on your Partners debit or credit cards, view the options below.

What is the difference between a merchant and fraud dispute?

A Merchant Dispute is when a Member has done business with the merchant and/or has in some form authorized or has knowledge of the transactions in question. A Fraud Claim is when a Member has never done business with the merchant, has not authorized, and does not recognize the transactions that are being claimed as fraud. 

If you are questioning a transaction with a known merchant, you must first attempt to resolve the issue with the merchant as this is a Visa® program requirement. When doing so, please document your attempt(s) at resolving the matter with the merchant. This information is needed not only to facilitate a Merchant Dispute Claim but may also support the success of the claim itself and increase the likelihood that Partners can recover the money via the Visa® chargeback dispute process.

If you have already contacted the merchant and need to dispute the charges your Visa debit or credit card, please contact a Partners Member Service Representative at 800.948.6677 or follow the instructions under Card Management via Online Banking. 

If you need to report a lost or stolen Visa debit or credit card, contact 800.449.7728. 

Partners may contact Members about possible suspicious activities we detect on their accounts, but we will NEVER ask for login credentials or ask you to transfer funds. 

Please be aware that fraudsters have become increasingly adept at spoofing phone numbers and asking Members for personal identification information (PII). If you receive a message that appears to be from Partners asking you to verify your account information or activity, DO NOT respond or click on any links – instead call Partners at 800.948.6677 to directly verify the communication.