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Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

In 1990, George H.W. Bush signed a bill passed by Congress to extend Asian-American Heritage from one week to a month. Officially in 1992, May was designated as Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month. Celebrating the culture, art, and traditions of Asian and Pacific Islander neighbors and friends is a great way to learn about the over 20 million people of Asian and Pacific Islander descent that call the United States home. If you need some ideas this year on how to recognize and celebrate, you could:

  1. Go to the museum near you that displays art from an Asian or Pacific Islander artist.
  2. Try cooking something new, look for an Asian or Pacific Islander-inspired recipe, and make it with the family.
  3. Some crafts you can do with the whole family is making:
    • Japanese Origami
    • Chinese paper lanterns
    • Glue Batik making
    • Diwali Elephants
  4. Make your favorite movie snack and check out movies produced by Asian or Pacific Islanders.

We hope these ideas help inspire you and your family to help celebrate Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Throughout this month, we invite you to share your Asian Pacific American Heritage Month celebrations with us on Instagram. Tag @PartnersFCU* so that we can share your story with our Members. If you need a little more inspiration, take a look at last year’s Asian Pacific American Heritage Month video, where we celebrate Partners cast members and their stories.

With contributions by Jennifer M. and a video by Daniel N. from Partners

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