Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr

Martin Luther King

The third Monday in January was chosen for the observation of Martin Luther King Jr. Day as it was closest to his date of birth, January 15. It honors the total legacy of King, focuses on the issue of civil rights, highlights the use of nonviolence to promote change, and calls people into public service.

At Partners, we are committed to building community and a sense of belonging, seamlessly in line with The King Center’s theme for Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2024; “It Starts With Me: Shifting the Cultural Climate Through the Study and Practice of Kingian Nonviolence.”

Ways to Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr.

Your local public library may offer classes, events, and reading lists to celebrate Dr. King and his legacy. For example, the Orange County Library System with locations in Orange County, Florida, has a curated reading list on the front page of their website, and you can order books delivered to your home! The West Oaks branch is hosting a Martin Luther King Jr. Unity Parade; those attending may receive “OCLS Swag.”

Regional governments are hosting different “Day of Service” events around the country. Use your preferred internet search engine to seek out this opportunity to do good in your area or Cast Members and Employees can visit Disney’s VoluntEARS to find an occasion that suits your interests and schedule.

The Walt Disney Company Resources

At The Walt Disney Company, Cast Members can choose to join Business Employee Resource Groups (BERGs) that are formed around a shared identity, interests, or pursuits. These employee-led groups bring together employees for insights, support, career development, and community engagement.

BERGs are a great way for The Walt Disney Company’s Cast and Employees, including Partners employees, to connect, network, and be active in different communities. Connect with the BERG closest to you to find a way to serve your community this Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

In January, we observe Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and in February we’ll celebrate African-American Heritage Month. Fifty-six years ago, Dr. King was assassinated outside room 306 of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee. Today, the Lorraine houses the National Civil Rights Museum.

“Dr. King’s legacy provides a staple model for how we combat inequality today. We cannot get comfortable in our current state. Too many people are relying on us to recognize and fight the inequalities that exist today, Dr. King’s generation did their part. Now, it’s time to do ours. The next generation needs us. As you engage with Dr. King’s platforms and interact with the timeline of monumental civil rights accomplishments and events, reflect on how far we have come, and recall how far we have to go.”

-National Civil Rights Museum

This Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and all days of the year, seek out and enlarge your community service efforts by learning, volunteering, and expanding your horizons.

It starts with us.

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