Member Experience

Our goal is to always maximize efficiency and effectiveness by simplifying our Cast experience, and our integrated business model allows us to achieve this by uniting the delivery of products and services across all channels based on Member preference. There will be a dedicated focus on enhancing our digital presence and providing our Members with choices and empowerment through customized guidance and solution-based advice. Our strategic focus will support and continue to strengthen our integrated business model as we consider, evaluate, and deliver new product and service offerings as well as internal operational enhancements.

Goals & Outcomes

  • One of our goals is to unify delivery of our core products and services across all channels while continuing to offer Members a seamless and streamlined experience. By December 2017, Members will have the freedom to seamlessly open a new Membership, a new share, or a new loan however they choose—in a branch, over the phone, online, or on their mobile devices. We will also introduce a new baseline measure for the overall Member experience by December 2017 that integrates satisfaction, loyalty, and engagement. And, by December 2018, we will create an in-channel marketing platform across phone (IVR), online banking, and mobile banking channels.Unifying how we deliver our core products also enables us to incrementally increase the percentage of Membership growth. We plan to increase the conversion of those interested in becoming Members into active Members by 25% over the next three years. Additionally, we plan to increase our loan origination by approximately 10% as the result of the new unified delivery system.We will also deliver an enhanced, user-friendly payment functionality across all channels that promotes self-service and convenience to our Members. It’s our goal to see an increase in usage of this new functionality by 5% or more annually, all while driving lower costs and higher internal efficiency for the credit union, such as by payment card controls and payment features.
  • It’s our goal to enhance our digital presence and, by October 2017, provide our Members an even more robust online money management platform, in which they can pay bills, add payees, and transfer funds from person-to-person and account-to-account via either online or mobile banking. We will also launch a comprehensive home mortgage buying service via the mobile banking channel by December 2018 that takes Members through the process from beginning to end.We always strive to improve our user experience. To further this, by 2019, we will redesign online and mobile banking—while remaining consistent with our brand—and, as a result, grow daily use to greater than 20% among all registered users. In addition, we will introduce a suite of financial management tools that are both integrated and available via separate apps by December 2019.Our enhanced digital presence will also improve our efficiency ratio and channel costs by focusing on core activities, such as shifting 70% of our check deposits away from our branches and onto the mobile banking application and the ATM network by 2019. At the same time, this will move core Membership and consumer loan activity from 28% to a greater-than-50% digital share.
  • Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of our internal Cast resources is always one of our goals. To further achieve this, we will apply improved Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities by leveraging the data analytics to our key business processes. This will create improved reporting across channel products by reducing the required time and effort to obtain reports by 25%.We will also integrate these data analytics to create targeted online and mobile marketing campaigns that, as a result, will increase engagement by 5% or more by 2018. By 2018, we will also create actionable user experience measurement and improvement tools.


It is our goal to position Partners IT to meet the needs of our Members and Cast and enable current and future business opportunities. Foundational improvements will be made to infrastructure, IT Service Desk, and development capabilities.

Goals & Outcomes

  • Improving our application availability, disaster recovery capabilities, and establishing a Tier 4 secondary data center benefits our Members by assuring critical services are always available. As a result, these enhancements will also improve our Member Availability scores by more than 50% by 2019.Our Member and Cast application availability will meet all established service-level agreements (SLAs) for our fail-safe data loss programs Recovery Time and Recovery Point for Core in 2017 and all other critical applications by the following year. Furthermore, we will establish disaster recovery plans with annual end-to-end disaster recovery testing that is inclusive of all third-party interfaces for Core in 2017, as well as all other critical applications by 2018.

    In addition, we will implement network upgrades to remove all devices past useful life, eliminate any failure points, increase WAN bandwidth, and improve our ATM network by 2018. Availability will also be enhanced by a Tier 4 secondary data center strategy, which we will develop by 2018.

  • Member service is always a top priority. It’s our goal, through advancing our IT Service Desk to “best in industry” standards, to improve Cast culture and enable Cast to serve Members more effectively. With this advancement, we’ll see a rise in IT Service Desk scores of more than 30% in 2019.By the end of 2017, we will also move Cast IT satisfaction scores to majority top-rated categories, and we will establish a 4-year PC and 3-year laptop refresh program to provide Cast with more dependable and efficient equipment with which to serve Members. At the same time, we aim to reduce the amount of abandoned Help Desk calls to less than 20% and wait times to 8 minutes or less. And, finally, also by the end of 2017, we intend to reach our target of 80% of Level 1, 2, and 3 Network and Application Support issues remediated within our established SLAs.

  • Through a series of steps, we will improve development efficiency to more effectively deliver product enhancements to our Members. Taking these measures will drive our IT Development Efficiency scores to a best-in-class standard by 2019.We are poised to achieve this goal through more effective Software Development Life Cycle processes and better use of internal staff and vendors that will improve development scope, cost, and our timeline delivery to 80% of established SLAs by 2018. Through the formal addition of a performance testing function, we will also mature our Quality Assurance (QA) organization by 2018. And we plan to build out lower-level environments to include—at a minimum—Development, UAT, Training, Performance/Pre-Production, and Production/Distaster Recovery for all E2E critical processes by 2018.

  • By 2018, we also aim to provide Members an enhanced Partners experience through technological advancements that make sense for the organization through research partnerships with Disney, Co-op, Filene, and other key third-party vendors with documented next-generation roadmaps.

Cast Engagement & Enablement

It is always our goal to strengthen and build upon our strong Cast Culture, in which we enable organizational vibrancy by creating an innovative and agile work environment where Cast Members are equipped to excel.

Goals & Outcomes

  • A thriving Cast culture is essential to Partners’ success. Through a purposeful focus on our Cast, Partners will drive business strategies, foster leadership success, and elevate the Cast experience. One of the ways we will achieve this is to ensure ongoing alignment of our Cast strategies to the Partners Mission and our Core Values by reviewing and incorporating these Core Values into Human Resources (HR) and leadership processes.

    • Elevate the PFCU Cast Experience
      We will continue to develop and execute inclusive recruiting strategies that will provide a robust talent pipeline for critical roles. We will achieve this by producing an annual recruitment strategy, proactively identifying talent gaps, and ensuring bench strength to support organizational changes through annual forecasting, as well as further developing our succession planning and talent management tools and activities at the executive and Assistant Vice President levels.We will design and implement a plan to embed diversity education efforts into leadership and Cast training, so that we may continue to build an inclusive environment within Partners. Also by mid-2017, under the advisement of a Leadership Development Advisory Team that will co-create an expanded development curriculum that supports the Partners leadership development strategy, we will deliver a year-round leadership development roadmap for all Cast so that they may incorporate these tools and concepts on the job.By providing HR self-service tools and ensuring HR information in our knowledge management system is updated regularly, we will further strengthen Engagement & Enablement, ensuring Cast are equipped with access to the most current HR knowledge and tools to support them in their roles.
    • Foster Leadership Success
      By the end of 2017, we will further expand our executive development program and introduce formal learning and development tools for executive leaders. These tools will focus on optimizing individual and team performance and results by reinforcing executive behaviors and learning community agreements, leveraging ongoing coaching, and integrating accountability and personal responsibility with Individual Development Plan (IDP) and Performance Development Plan (PDP) processes.We will embed Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) learning experiences and resources into the annual leadership and Cast development program delivery, focusing on executive capability development in emotional intelligence, providing D&I enhancer experiences to teams, and expanding emotional intelligence understanding across Partners through education and experiential offerings.
    • Enable Business Strategies
      We will support successful implementation of the new account and loan process transformation to 100% of its design capabilities by designing and delivering the training needed to enable and prepare the Cast. The transformation will be sustained and enabled to take root by providing ongoing Organization Development support for culture and by changing management approaches based on our project timelines.Through a redesign of the current performance management system, we have already introduced a pilot performance management process which is focused on educating all leaders and establishing an annual plan for ongoing conversations, ratings conversations, tools, and year-end reviews. We will utilize learnings from this pilot to implement an organization-wide recommendation for managing performance through a consistent set of tools and processes in 2018.We will partner with Business Intelligence and Walt Disney Parks and Resorts (WDP&R) Organizational Reporting to develop a metrics and reporting strategy that will provide insights by streamlining HR reporting and identifying appropriate HR analytics and metrics. These insights will also allow us to most effectively measure our investment in human capital and focus our work on the highest priorities that most effectively enable our Cast to support our business and Member experience.

Safety and Soundness

It is our goal to ensure the Credit Union’s ongoing viability and the availability of resources so that we may continue to deliver exceptional value to our Members.

Goals & Outcomes

  • The safety and soundness of the Credit Union is paramount. There are important steps we take in order to safeguard our viability and continue delivering exceptional value to our Members. We must ensure appropriate management of our balance sheet so that we may provide a stable flow of earnings and maintain capital level above the established net worth target as measured on a semi-annual basis. We must also maintain satisfactory risk management practices to make certain that our CAMEL Rating will remain less than or equal to “2”—as measured by the NCUA—during each examination.We will demonstrate compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and obtain a Report of Compliance (ROC) by December 31, 2019. By this same date, we will also increase cybersecurity maturity to meet the “Evolving” level under the FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment Tool (CAT) methodology, and we will redevelop our enterprise business continuity plan so that we can meet revised Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs), Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs), and availability and resiliency expectations.

    And, finally, by December 31, 2020, we will implement a methodology that is compliant with the new Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) accounting standard. This step ensures that there are no material weaknesses as determined by external auditors.