Strategic Plan

We welcome you to the 2020-2022 Partners Federal Credit Union Strategic Plan. We’ve created four sections to tell the story of what that plan looks like.

Under this section, the Overview, you will discover the heartbeat of the Credit Union. Who we are, who we serve, why, and how we do it. Under Initiatives, you’ll learn more about what we are doing to protect you and your assets, while continuing to focus on being socially responsible, in addition to how we invest in our most precious commodity, our cast. Under our Strategy tab, you’ll learn how we are looking towards future growth. Finally, under the Annual Report section, you will be able to review the organizations Annual Report, a document provided annually to our Members. Annual Report, provides you ability to review the annual report for the previous year.

Who We Are

For almost 60 years, Partners has been a magical place. We are larger in assets than 97% of all credit unions in the country, and we’re larger than 98% of all credit unions by total Membership. We’ve built one of the closest and most mutually beneficial relationships between a credit union and its sponsor. We serve nearly half of the Disney cast and employees in the United States. Our Sponsor is full of the most creative, the most successful, the most demanding, and the most loyal employees in the world. We have a high bar of excellence, which we regularly exceed.

Our Vision, Mission and Core Values are the heart and back bone of who we are as a Credit Union.



Making all financial dreams come true today and tomorrow.

Mission Rocket


Build and deepen Member relationships in support of profitable growth.

Core Values

Core Values

One secret to our success is our people, and our continued investment in attracting, developing, and retaining the best talent in our industry. Our people not. only embody our Core Values, they were instrumental in identifying and defining them.

We are dedicated and engaged, unconditionally being our best each day for the good of one another, our Members, and ourselves.

Ethical and Transparent
We always strive to earn the trust of our Cast and Members in everything we think, say, and do.

Meaningful Relationships
We are sincere and believe in teamwork. Through our relationships we deliver extraordinary service to one another, the Members, and our Sponsor.

Respect and Care For Others
We listen, support, and show empathy to everyone. We know diversity is beneficial, and we work together to advance our Mission.

Embrace and Drive Change
We know change is constant, and we have the courage to see the possibilities. Being committed to sharing ideas, we stay open-minded, flexible, and encourage others to do the same.

Who Do We Serve?

Partners Federal Credit Union is a single sponsor Credit Union offering Membership to the employees and cast members of The Walt Disney Company (Disney). For that reason, it is important that the Credit Union knows and understands the needs of the cast and employees. We highlight the value to our Members by four key elements of Value Proposition.

Value Proposition
When we talk about value proposition, we do not limit the term “value” to only financial aspects of the relationship. When we talk about increasing value, it could be in one or more of these areas:

Value Proposition

What Do Our Members Value?

What our Members value, helps us identify how we can best support them on their financial journey. Here are a few ways that we are able to learn what’s important to them:


We Listen to Our Members
One way to determine what’s important to Members is to ask them. We do this by using traditional surveys, holding focus groups, and collecting and curating direct Member feedback through various service channels. By asking the right questions, by listening intently, and by capturing the Members’ responses, we begin to build our understanding of what they want.


Core Values

We Observe Our Members
We also learn a great deal about our Members’ wants by observing how they use our products and services. Like all institutions, Partners has access to millions of data points on purchases, transactions, frequency, product selection, and service utilization. Unlike most institutions, Partners curates and analyzes this data to yield insights on Member drivers – not just what they say, but what they do.



We Do Research
We incorporate select insights published by academics and researchers. Our Members are not radically different from other American consumers in similar circumstances. We blend the findings of researchers who identify and publish trends in consumer expectations and trends in behavior with our own primary insights to round out our knowledge.


Core Values

We Put It All Together
We apply these value determinations to all our Member segments, and we design specific communications, enhance product offerings, and interact with Members in a much more meaningful and personal way. Members actively select and utilize products and services designed to deliver value to them in meaningful ways. They respond by bringing a larger share of their financial business to Partners.