Initiatives Overview

Over the next three years, the Credit Union has many strategic projects planned to address and improve: service, access, and reliability. There will be a continued focus on personalization, as well as a dedicated focus on enhancing the value of all solutions provided to our Members. There will be foundational improvements focused on operations, availability, and our technology infrastructure. Lastly, efforts will be targeted to provide improvements across all delivery channels, promoting increased accessibility and a seamless Member Experience when working with Partners.

Partners Initiatives Calendar

Strategic Initiatives Calendar

2017 2018 2019
Member Experience New Account
New Account
Opening 2.0
New Account
Opening 3.0
Bill Pay P2P Conversion ATM Fleet Management
Online Banking Upgrades Digitze the Mortgage Process
Business Intelligence Roadmap
Digital Services Roadmap
Technology Data Center Hardware Refresh
Network Upgrade Program
Storage Growth Enterprise Content Management Website
Infrastructure Monitoring Enterprise VoIP
BCP – DR Immediate Needs Security, SSO, and Access Management
Natural Language Research Virtual Desktop Solutions
Block Chain Research
Augment Test and Development Environments
Safety and Soundness Strategic Partnerships
Layered Security
BCP Program
Cybersecurity Program
Cast Engagement and Enablement Culture and Leadership Development
Performance Management Tools
Knowledge Management
Workforce Management