Credit Union Advocacy

Why Credit Unions

Why Credit Unions

While there are many choices of banks to select from, Partners is proud to be a part of the unique credit union family that operates in the not-for-profit organization, allowing us to give back to our Membership. We continue to represent the voice of our Members with our team’s commitment and support.

With the foundation of Members, communities, businesses, and legislatures, credit unions maintain a world of support to continue to provide a full-range of financial products and services with low-to-no fees, and competitive rates. Partners is committed to staying connected with the important issues that affect our Members.

Current issues impacting Members and Credit Unions

Current Issues

Learn about some of the current issues affecting credit unions and our Members. Get the knowledge you need to help support credit unions serving your community.

Latest Credit Union News: For national, regional or local credit union news, be sure to spend some time each week here.