*Promotion period is January 11 – February 13. Membership is open to any Cast Member/Employee of The Walt Disney Company or one of its subsidiaries, a retiree of The Walt Disney Company or one of its subsidiaries, an immediate family member or roommate of one of the aforementioned. To receive a promotional WandaVision journal, those eligible for Membership can open a new Partners Membership during the promotion period. Members can refer a new Member to open a new Membership (based on eligibility requirements) during the promotion period. Existing Members may not be referred to open an additional Membership/Account. Limit of one promotional item per referral. New or existing Members can receive a promotional WandaVision journal by applying for any Partners loan or credit card during the promotion period. Limit of one promotional item per application, subject to availability. Loans opened online are not eligible for the promotion. © 2021 Partners | © 2021 Marvel

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With a wide range of products and services, Partners has the tools you need to make your financial dreams come true! With a Partners Membership, you won’t be just joining any Credit Union, you will be joining a unique and special family! We are Cast Members Serving Cast Members and committed to providing the best service for all of our family.

Membership Eligibility
Who can be a Member?

  • Employees of:
    – The Walt Disney Company (TWDC) or one of its subsidiaries
    – Partners Federal Credit Union
    – Approved Employee Groups*
  • A retiree of TWDC or one of its subsidiaries
  • An immediate family member or roommate of a TWDC employee including:
    – Spouse
    – Parent, Stepparent
    – Grandparent
    – Child, stepchild, adopted child
    – Sibling, step sibling
    – Grandchild

How do you become a Partners Member?

Once a Member Always a Member!
Members can continue as a Partners Member indefinitely even if they no longer fit the Membership eligibility and as long as their Membership stays in good standing.

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* Employee Groups indicate designated Operating Participants and other companies that are associated with TWDC

Imagine what we could do together… for everything you need in life.

Let’s sum up what Partners stands for in one word — You.

For more than 50 years, we have delivered The Partners Difference to you — our over 125,000 members — with the highest levels of service, value, access and convenience. Plus, a full array of financial products you’ll find at the biggest banks, including savings, checking, loans, wealth management and the latest in innovative account access. And always with an exclusive connection to The Walt Disney Company that ensures a level of quality unsurpassed in banking.

Partners is truly Cast Members serving Cast Members, creating a genuine bond and commitment to service that no other financial institution can match. Join and discover that at Partners, we honor membership for life — because members can confidently rely on us at every stage of it.

There are many ways to be eligible for Partners Membership.
You can join if you’re…

  • An employee of The Walt Disney Company or one of its subsidiaries;
  • A retiree of The Walt Disney Company or one of its subsidiaries;
  • An immediate family member or roommate of one of the above

Become A Member

The more you rely on Partners, the more we love rewarding you.

Just for being a Member, you’re part of our Relationship Rewards program. And it only gets better from there. Your entire household will receive extra savings and value based on the amount of business you have with us. So when you bring all your financial accounts to Partners, you’ll likely be rewarded handsomely!

  • Earn more on certificates
  • Reimbursed ATM surcharges
  • And more!
Combined Deposit, Loan, and Partners Retirement & Wealth Management Balance
Excluding Certificates
Standard Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Platinum Elite
Less than
$2,500 –
$10,001 –
$25,001 –
Greater than
Greater than
$100,000 and 15 years or more of
CU Membership
Partners/ CO-OP/ CU24 ATM Transactions
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Out-of-Network ATM Transactions
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Reimbursed ATM Surcharges
(charges applied by other banks)
$5/month $10/month $15/month Unlimited Unlimited
Shared Branching Transactions
1/month 2/month 3/month 5/month Unlimited
1 order/year 1 order/year 2 orders/year Unlimited
Fee-Free Consumer Loan Skip-a-Pay
Primary Share Fee
Waived Waived Waived Waived Waived

Partners Checking Account is required to be eligible for Relationship Rewards benefit.

Relationship Rewards tier eligibility is calculated and updated on a monthly basis.