Mortgage Servicing

Mortgage Servicing

1st Liens and Home Equity Loans (HELoans)

Some borrowers may face financial difficulties and find they are unable to repay their mortgage. Partners Federal Credit Union will work diligently with these borrowers to resolve the default. Life happens — and we are here to assist you when things don’t go according to plan.

If you are in hardship situation, it is always best to continue making your regular monthly payments. If you fall behind, please apply for assistance as soon as possible. You can expect that we will evaluate your application and determine what homeowner assistance programs may be available to you.

If a hardship is preventing you from making your payments on time, please do one of the following:

  • Call our Mortgage Servicing Center toll free at 877.877.7489, from Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 12:00 AM EST and Saturday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM EST to speak to a loan counselor
  • Log into your online Partners FCU account.  Select Mortgage, to learn more about homeowner assistance programs. Search ‘Financial Hardship’ on the search bar or select ‘Manage your account’ and click the drop down arrow under Late Payment Options for more information.

To begin the hardship request, you will need to complete a Hardship package, which will include an Application and the following documentation:

  • Hardship Letter – detail your current situation. The letter must be signed and dated
  • Income documentation
    • Currently employed: Please provided 30 days of paystubs
    • Supplemental Income (child support, alimony, rental, etc): Please provide 30 days of documentation
    • Self Employed:
      • Profit & Loss (PL) Year to Date Statement (a minimum of 3 months)
      • Personal and/or Business Bank Account Statements for all bank and investment accounts (the last 4 months)
    • Retired:
      • Social Security/Social Security Disability Insurance – Award Letter
      • Pension – Award Letter
  • Federal Tax Returns
    • Last 2 years (all filed pages, must be signed)
  • Checking and Saving Accounts
    • Last 2 months for all investments, 401Ks, Stocks, Bonds, etc.
  • Copies of the following documentation:
    • Driver’s License (or state issued photo ID)
    • Homeowners Associates (HOA) statement (latest statement) – if applicable
    • Property/Homeowner/Hazard/Flood Insurance Statement
    • Property Tax Bill
    • Utility Bill (gas, electric current statements)

In order to avoid delays in reviewing your request, the Hardship Packages must be submitted with all required documentation. Please allow up to 30 days to review the completed package.

The following is additional resources that could provide assistance:

  • Contact HUD for an approved housing counseling agency.  They can be reached at 800.569.4287 or TYY 800.877.8339 or their website at
  • For military service members, contact MilitaryOneSource who can provide housing assistance information.  They can be reached at 800.342.9647, TYY/TDD dial 711 and give the toll free number 800.342.9647 or their website at
  • You may reach out to other housing agencies for assistance.  Homeownership Preservation Foundation can be reached at 888.995.HOPE.


Solutions that sound too simple or too good to be true usually are. If you’re selling your home without professional guidance, beware of buyers who try to rush you through the process. Unfortunately, there are people who may try to take advantage of your financial difficulty.  Be especially alert to phony counseling agencies. Some groups calling themselves “counseling agencies” may approach you and offer certain services for a fee. These could well be services you could do yourself for free, such as negotiating a new payment plan with Partners. If you have any doubt about paying for such services call a HUD approved housing counseling agency at 800.569.4287.

To report a Scam, please do one of the following:

  • Go to and fill out the Loan Modification Scam Prevention Network’s (LMSPN) complaint form online and get more information on how to fight back.
  • Call 888.005.HOPE and tell the counselor about your situation and that you believe you got scammed or know of a scam.