Workshops & Webinars


Workshops & Webinars

Get access to information that will help you build the foundation to a solid financial future. Our seminar platform of in-person and live webinars are the perfect tools for navigating financial dreams for you and your family. Sign up today!

Auto Buying Made Easy

SAVE time and money with an engaging workshop that puts you in the drivers’ seat of your next car purchase. GAIN insight from the dealers’ perspective along with standard car buying processes.


Budgeting Essentials

Taking control of your finances can be challenging—if you don’t have the right plan in place. That’s why we created this workshop. Whether it’s developing a spending plan, learning how to budget around variable income or simply setting goals for the future, this workshop will provide you with the tools you need to develop your own strategy and get on the road to financial success.

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Financial Management Workshop

Learn to set GOALS, make a PLAN to reach those goals, then work hard to make it happen. Let us show you how to DEVELOP a sound financial strategy – one that covers all the financial bases, from insurance to investing to long-term care planning.


First-Time Home Buyer Workshop

LEARN how to NAVIGATE your home-buying experience with a workshop tailored for first-time buyers. Gain ACCESS to information about current market conditions and the home ownership process from start to finish. Register for a session below!

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Partners First-Time Home Buying Panel

Join us for a panel discussion on home buying brought to you by the experts in the field of real estate, title, escrow and financing. Learn about what is happening in the market today, how to find the right home and guidance on financing.


Planning For Retirement

It's never too early to plan for retirement. However, without the right guidance, it can be daunting. At Partners, we can help you achieve your retirement goals with strategies to determine how much money you'll need and what savings options are available.

Join us for this educational workshop and make your money work for you.

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Retirement Income Workshop

You've spent a lifetime accumulating money for your retirement. You've SAVED, INVESTED, and take advantage of workplace retirement plans. Now you have to make decisions about how to GENERATE a steady income, and these decisions could have lasting repercussions.


Understanding Your Credit Workshop

LEARN how to breakdown the elements used to define your credit, while learning the BENEFITS to utilize credit to prepare for your financial future.

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Financial Calculators

Visualize the possibilities with our financial calculators.