Workshops & Webinars


Workshops & Webinars

Get access to information that will help you build the foundation to a solid financial future. Our seminar platform of in-person and live webinars are the perfect tools for navigating financial dreams for you and your family. Sign up today!

Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is an investment strategy that can help you diversify your investments among asset classes to aim for returns within a given level of risk.


Financially Fit Habits for the Holidays

Holidays are soon approaching, and Partners is here to help get you equipped with the right tools to avoid common financial pitfalls during this season.


First Time Home Buying

Learn how to take control of your home-buying experience.


Preparing Your Credit for Home Buying

Learn how it can impact your interest rate, influence your down payment requirements and more.


Refinancing Your Mortgage

Join us to learn from our experts if refinancing is right for you.


Retirement: Beginning a New Voyage

You’ve spent a lifetime accumulating money for your retirement, now it’s time to take action to chart your course.


Retirement Investment Strategies

Join us for an educational workshop that focuses on strategies that will ensure your retirement savings will sustain the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.


Featured Videos

Our On-Demand webinars and Quick-Tips offer Members the tools and resources needed to feel empowered to take the lead with their finances, no matter what their financial journey may be.

Webinars on Demand

Understanding Your Credit
Partners Presents: “Understanding Your Credit”
Ways To Save
Partners Presents: “Ways To Save”
Budgeting Essentials
Partners Presents: “Budgeting Essentials”
Protect Your Identity
Partners Presents: “Protect Your Identity”


Identity Theft
Identity Theft Protection
Budgeting Essentials
Budgeting Essentials
Quick Tips
Why Good Credit is Important

Financial Calculators

Visualize the possibilities with our financial calculators.