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Women@Disney Year End Celebration

Last Wednesday, I attended the year end mixer for Women@Disney. It was amazing to catch up with my friends and colleagues—especially those I met at my very first Women@Disney event. It felt surreal as we updated each other on our careers and how much has changed since we first met.

My introduction to Woman@Disney was an event located at the Studio Lot to hear Brene Brown talk about the power of vulnerability. Not knowing what to expect or who Brene Brown was, but realizing it was good opportunity to network, I made my way through the sound stage, which was packed to the brim with attendees from all segments. Two hours later, I felt inspired and motivated to think differently, empowered to take control of my career, and determined to be more involved with this organization. As Brene Brown says: “most people believe vulnerability is weakness. But really, vulnerability is courage. We must ask ourselves…are we willing to show up and be seen?” This was also the event that inspired me to join the Women@Disney leadership team.

Since joining the Women@Disney leadership team over a year ago, I have had the opportunity to explore what it takes to create and develop communication strategies for The Walt Disney Company. This community has given me the confidence to develop skillsets outside of my previous role and meet with people across the company. The Woman@Disney group is full of passionate individuals from around the company, eager to share their experience and knowledge to help others grow.

What I love most about this group is the constant support from my mentors and peers, who push me out of my comfort zone and allow me to grow professionally. This led to me to my current role at Partners, where the right opportunity came at the right time. I was looking for a change in my career and a role that would continue to challenge me. Because of Woman@Disney and the support system we have, I am now in a position to put what I have learned into action. The network and support from my fellow colleagues is ultimately what propelled my candidacy into the role I am in today. I encourage you to find a group that will inspire you the way Woman@Disney has inspired me.