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UPDATE – Our Partners Co-ed Volleyball Team: CU in the SAND

Partners is happy to introduce your new Cast Volleyball Fall 2019 Tuesday Rec Division Tournament Champions – CU in the Sand!

The Tournament had 12 teams competing for the trophy and the Tournament Champions title! Volleyball matches are a made up of 3 games (each called a set). The team that wins two out of three sets wins the match. The first 2 sets are played to 25 points. The 3rd set is played to 15 points and the winner must win each set by 2 points.

CU in the Sand played against the very talented Fam-tastic Volle last night in the final 4 tournament round, defeating their opponents in two sets and advanced to the championship round against First Come, First Served. It was a neck to neck matchup in the championship games with First Come, First Served winning the first set. CU in the Sand played hard and came back to win the second set forcing the teams into a third and final set to determine the winner. It was a back and forth hard-fought battle between the two teams with CU in the Sand coming out victorious in the final set with a score of 15-13 to win the match 2 games to 1.

Congrats to:
Champions: CU in the Sand
Runner-Ups: First Come, First Served

Authored by Monica C. from Partners