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Antonio - Member Testimonial

The Firefighter: Antonio’s Story

Antonio Ortiz has worked for Walt Disney Television Animation for 22 years. For almost all of that time, he has also been an engineer (and more recently, a lieutenant) at the Walt Disney Studios Fire Department. Antonio shares his magical experience at the department with us, with the highlight being his interaction with the children of Disney cast members. “The kids love it, you’re driving down the street, everyone’s waving at you, having a good ole time.”

Lt. Ortiz shares a particularly harrowing story about a fire on the studio lot. “When we got there, the truck was fully engulfed, the flames were burning the trees directly above it…” With the help of the City of Burbank Fire Department, the fire was extinguished safely, and no one was hurt. “It was pretty big and a lot of fun. This job is a lot of fun. I don’t think I’ve ever met a firefighter that did not like his job.”

Lt. Ortiz also shares the department’s support for Partners. “Why would you go anywhere else when you have all these things that Partners offers you? They go above and beyond to make sure you’re satisfied.”

Authored by Daniel N. from Partners