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Shannon - Member service

The Disney Difference: Shannon’s Story

For Shannon, Account Manager, Digital at ESPN, the best part of working at Disney is the opportunity for growth. Whether it be a new learning resource, a chance to experience a new role, or a helping hand from a fellow cast member, our company makes it easy to grow, both professionally and personally.

“I started with ESPN ten years ago,” Shannon began, “I actually worked in Connecticut. And then in 2011, I moved to LA to work in our Digital Ads Sales office.” That move to the headquarters gave her exposure to what goes on behind the scenes. She was able to see firsthand what occurs in the ad sales revenue process. And in her own words: “That was just the beginning.”

“My career started with me understanding what takes place from a television perspective. And then once I came over to the digital side, I now understand how ESPN can actually generate revenue from a mobile video or a digital display,” Shannon explained. “It’s amazing, the capabilities that I didn’t even know that I had.”

What makes Disney special is our cast members; while our company may be large, it often feels small. Everyone seems to know everyone, and it’s normal for different teams and segments to work together. “I can send an email to someone who works at ABC, maybe in the same line of business. And they can have another perspective and help me see things differently,” Shannon said. “We can cross market ourselves from within our own brands to be able to have these conversations within the Disney umbrella.”

Shannon’s experience with Partners came about in a similar way—she was having a conversation with another cast member who just happened to mention Partners. “Granted, I was already a part of a different credit union, but I said I’d look into it. But then, someone broke into my vehicle and took my wallet. The customer service that I received from my previous credit union, I just couldn’t believe it. It was terrible,” she explained.

“So I just went across the street to Partners and had a conversation with someone. The cast member was so helpful. He assisted me with everything to the point where I went in to just open a checking and savings account, but ended up getting a checking account, savings account, a certificate, and applying for a loan,” she laughed.

“I’ve been so impressed, everything so far with Partners has been amazing.” Shannon even decided to pay her experience forward: “The following day, I told a coworker about my experience at Partners—she ended up moving everything over to Partners, and even got to change her mortgage rate. I also told my mother about it, and she opened up an account as well.”

“I’ve had the opportunity to speak with different people within Disney and build those relationships over the last 10 years,” Shannon reflected, “I’ve had the chance to work with cast members across ABC, ESPN, and the rest of Disney, and the experience has been amazing. So to have a bank that also represents that, supporting each other, that’s kind of perfect.”

Formerly authored by Sarah B. at Partners