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Stop Holiday Hackers

Stop Holiday Hackers

Keeping safe during this holiday season is something many of us are keeping top of mind. However, with holiday experiences shifting to online, including shopping, staying on top of our accounts via mobile banking, maybe even booking vacations for the upcoming year, it’s important not to forget that this is also the time of year that many cyber criminals spike up their holiday scams. Here are a few ways to stay safe from cybercrimes this holiday season.

1. Although many of us do it, don’t reuse the same password across multiple sites. Cyber criminals are banking on this, and once they gain access to your username and password for one account, they don’t stop there. Hackers use a technique called “credential stuffing,” which means that they reuse stolen credentials from one database across hundreds of other websites trying to gain access wherever they can.

To protect yourself against these kinds of cyberattacks, it is imperative that you avoid reusing credentials and, instead, use a unique and complex password for each one of your online accounts. Afraid you’ll forget your passwords? Leverage a password manager app (many of which are free) to help you out. These apps are essentially encrypted digital vaults where you can safely store your usernames and passwords for each of your online accounts. Password managers can also help you generate strong, unique passwords in a flash, so there’s no need to reuse the same password over and over again.

2. Be sure to sign up for additional account verification options where available. Whether it’s social media, your favorite mobile applications, or online/mobile banking for your financial institution, setting up an additional layer of protection makes it that much harder for you to become a victim. With options such as security questions, two-factor authentication, and more, it may be one more step getting in the way of you moving along, but it’s also one more step preventing you from becoming a victim.

3. Set-up account alerts with your financial institution. These alerts can vary from usage alerts, to dollar amount charged, to even if the card is being used outside of a certain mile radius. Best of all, most financial institutions offer account and card alerts as a free service. Check them out, set them up, and sit back and relax with a little peace of mind knowing your financial institution is keeping an eye out for you.

For additional information on how to update your online banking profile with Partners, take a look at this video:

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Stay Safe and Happy Holidays!