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Significant Updates for Partners Website

Partners is always looking at ways to better serve its Members. In keeping with this mission, the Marketing team working along with Disney IT began rolling out a series of updates and upgrades to its website in March of 2020. The goal, according to Marketing Technology and Campaign Manager Sean Moore, is to create a more user-friendly platform that affords Members a better overall experience and more online options, which in light of the pandemic has never been more important.

At the top of the Marketing team’s “to-do list” was improving the search feature, which now has expanded search parameters that help you find what you’re looking for faster. “One of our biggest goals was to improve searchability and how easy it is to locate the information you need,” Sean says. “And I think we’ve, for the most part, achieved that, especially with branch information, rates, and online banking.”

Another important update to the site is improved navigation. “We’ve actually conducted surveys with outside groups,” Sean explains. “One of the suggestions was to make our navigation a little bit easier. One way we did that was by adding drop-down windows to all of the categories in the header. We also added to our Membership section, which has been refreshed, to the header on the home page.”

They’ve also added a new Member Assistance Program page specifically for people dealing with the fallout of COVID-19. “Members who have been affected by the recent furloughs, for example, can go to that page and find resources and information on loans, deferred payments, and much more,” he says. Another new addition—designed to help Members stay safe and socially distance when possible—is the Partners Access Guide, which lists all of the various digital banking options that are available.

The Auto Loans page has also received some significant updates, including new iconography and video content. “The updated page has lots of information if you’re looking to get a new car or refinance a car,” Sean says. “You’ll also find one of our newest campaigns—“Find Your Next Car With Partners”—which features an Auto Advisors micro-page.”

The Checking and Savings page has been refreshed, as well. “We now have a section for Partner’s Wire Transfers, which we didn’t have previously,” Sean says. “You’ll also see a new dedicated Youth Accounts page for our younger members, who can open a checking account or a savings account with their parents’ permission.”

Additionally, Partners is in the process of creating better engagement and usability with our cast members through the latest web applications. The intention is to allow the Member greater opportunities to comminate with our banking team regarding our multitude of products – through easier, and straightforward activity directly on our website. Utilizing two new platforms, “Coconut” which is a robust scheduling tool and “Datatrac,” which allows our Members to see rate comparisons in real time, we expect to streamline the way our Members communicate with us, ideally making the interaction an easier and much more personable experience.

With the improved search function and navigation, Members have all of the relevant information they need right at their fingertips. This, of course, is the primary goal, but Sean says they want to have a little bit of fun with the Website, as well, “We have takeovers every so often where we do synergy programs. So, you’ll see something like Soul, which we recently featured, and before that we had The Mandalorian, which was pretty fun. We also had the Freeform 25 Days of Christmas takeover during the holidays. We want to make it fun for our Members.”

Sean and the rest of the team have worked closely with Disney IT to roll out all of the updates, many of which were introduced at the end of 2020. “Our Website is hosted by Disney proper,” he points out. “Since we are employees of Disney, we do utilize a lot of Disney services and technology. So, while my colleagues and I are responsible for the look of the Website and the content, it is Disney IT that makes these major updates when we need them.”

Sean says there’s plenty more to come in 2021. “We’re tweaking things all the time,” he says. “And there’s going to be more improvements soon, including a better rates page, pop-out menus, and more micro-sites that will give you a bit more specialized information on different subjects. After all, you shouldn’t have to do all of the work yourself—we want the Website to do it for you.”