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Partners Yesterday and Today

It’s a new year, and new Cast Members are joining Partners every day—putting their trust in our brand and taking advantage of our variety of services and products. As we endeavor to help our Members achieve their financial goals, we are reminded of just how much satisfaction we get from helping you make your dreams come true.

We recently sat down with two Members—John, a former Cast Member and voice over artist, and Roger, a Post-Production Studio Engineer. They were kind enough to take some time out of their busy schedules to tell us about their very own Member experiences and what Partners has meant to them.

Partners: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. Tell me a little bit about what you do.
John: I’m a former employee of Disney. I was the Graphics Manager for Freeform back when it was known as ABC Family. I am currently a Voice Over Artist.
Roger: I’m currently the Post Production Engineer for the Walt Disney Studios.

Partners: Are you a Partners Member?
John: Yes, I still am.
Roger: I most certainly am!

Partners: How long have you been Members?
John: Eight years for me.
Roger: I just joined last year.

Partners: Why did you choose Partners Federal Credit Union?
John: I initially chose Partners because I was looking for a good place to get better rates for my money. My other bank seemed to have a lot of fees that I didn’t expect and I knew I could do better. When I heard about Partners, I signed up and I liked the experience.
Roger: I’ve heard really good things about Partners over the years and since I’ve been an employee of Disney for a while, I felt that I should give it a shot. Plus, I was looking to buy a car.

Partners: John, please tell us about your experience.
John: Partners is great to work with. Very attentive to my needs and a nice place to visit. I had an issue with my other bank, spoke with Partners about it and Partners addressed my issue and helped me to resolve it. Partners made me [feel] optimistic about cutting the cord with other banks, which I plan on doing very soon. Even though I no longer work for Disney, I kept the account because, well, Partners is a good business.

Partners: Roger, did you end up getting that car?
Roger: I sure did. Partners helped me find a car using its car buying service, Autoland. I knew exactly what I wanted, I told my service representative and a few days later, Partners had it delivered to my home. I liked that Partners is more personal than other credit unions that I’ve belonged to, and I’ve had a better experience with them than I had with my other bank.

Partners: How do you feel about our tools and products?
Roger: I love Partners and their products. The ATMs are convenient for me since they are located on the Studio Lot and near where I live. I‘ve used the app and the website and it’s great. No issues for me!
John: The rates on your loans are pretty good. I use your credit cards and I find a variety of offers that really take care of my needs.

Partners: Anything you would like to add? Compliments or complaints?
Roger: No complaints. I would just like to say again that I think it’s pretty cool that there’s a branch on the Studio Lot. It’s really convenient and I love the level of access to my accounts.
John: I appreciate the customer service and I feel like they care about my business. There is a lot to be said about an organization who can attend to my needs and make me feel welcome.

Partners: That’s great fellas. So, no issues?
Roger: Well, it would be great if they had more swag—I do like the giveaways!
John: Nah. I think you guys are cool.

Partners: Would you recommend Partners to other Cast Members?
John: Absolutely
Roger: Without a doubt.

Partners: Thank you for your time, gentlemen. I appreciate you doing this.
John: My pleasure. Good to connect.
Roger: I feel the same. Thanks to you and Partners!