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Partners Volleyball Team: CU in the SAND

Hats Off to Our Partners Co-ed Volleyball Team: CU in the SAND

Last week, the CU in the SAND team was named Champions of the Fall 2019 Cast Volleyball League (Tuesday Rec League) ending their regular Season with a record of 8-1.

The post season tournament kicked off last night on November 12th at Mickey’s Retreat in Orlando, Florida. The CU team squared off against the very competitive, Just Keep Spiking team, and defeated their opponents in a thrilling contest, advancing to the semi-final bracket. The next round of games is scheduled to play on November 19th.

Congratulations to our CU in the Sand Team Members!
Courtney Tasco – Loan Phone Web
Jeff Seda – Business Development
Jamicell Perez – Operations
Fred Houstoun – Risk Management
Chris Olinick – Orlando Branches
Carlos Sosa – Member Service Rep
Monica Cosentino-Benedict – Risk Management
Harriette Carlton – Disney HR Strat

Authored by Monica C. from Partners