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Military Care Package

Partners Supports Military Care Package Efforts

Twice a year the Disneyland Resort motivates cast members from every department to create Military Care Packages for our troops deployed around the globe. Many teams participate with the goal of creating Care Packages that will inspire comforting thoughts of home, and provide treats or luxuries not readily available out in the field.

This May marked the third time that a team from Partners got together to show our appreciation for our troops, and support our sponsor all at the same time. The Katella Branch team started the effort last year under the leadership Daniel R. We continued the effort with a wider scale of participation this year, hoping to break our personal record. Under the leadership of Sophia C. from our TDA Branch, the entire Partners Anaheim team pulled together this time to create over 300 care packages!

Military Care Package

Anaheim branches pulled together to donate monetary resources to purchase all the items needed for the packages.  Some of our cast members have either current, or former members of the Armed Services in their families, all of whom provided important feedback about what our troops might enjoy while deployed overseas.  Our Care Packages contained sunflower seeds, chewing gum, blow pops, granola bars, sour patch kids, and the most important item for any Southern California native…Tapatio hot sauce!

Our Katella branch team played an important role in the preparation of the care packages. Tellers stamped and signed 300 postcards, which each package has, as a small reminder that those of us here at Partners are thinking of them. Over the course of two days, member service representatives, tellers, and leaders, all pitched in to stuff bags, box, and deliver our packages to TDA for collection.

Military Care PackageIt was truly a team effort for the Anaheim region that yielded amazing results. We look forward to the next Care Package Drive in November, and hopefully we can break another Partners record with more participation and even more Care Packages! It’s a small thing to do to show our appreciation for the brave men and women that protect us, as we continue to do our part in making dreams come true here at the Disneyland Resort area. We thank everyone who contributed and helped, and we look forward to working closely with our sponsor to continue the tradition of thanking our troops in every way that we can.

Formerly authored by Jasmin C. at Partners