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Partners Spotlight – Descendants 3 Behind the Scenes Featurette

The Making of a Synergy Promotional Video

How do we make it appear that one of our cast members is stepping out of a magical land into our Partners branch in Burbank, California? This is the question that the marketing team pondered back in August of 2019. As part of Partners marketing campaign for Disney Channel’s Descendants 3, the team wanted to create a promotional video that paid homage to the style and tone of the Disney Channel Original Movie. Released in that same year, the film features the “descendants” of iconic Disney heroes and villains.

In reviewing the marketing for the film, the team was inspired by the images of characters attempting to cross through a portal that was illuminated by yellow glowing energy. After a few rounds of brainstorming, planning and execution, a fully realized promotional video featuring our popular Descendants 3 themed notebook was produced.

“We started with storyboards,” says Daniel, the Digital Media Manager on the Partners Marketing team. “It’s important to be able to communicate to the entire team, especially to the decision makers, what the video is going to look like. This is doubly important when the video is almost entirely made up of visual effects.”

The team designs all of their marketing videos with the final “payoff” in mind. For this payoff, the team knew that they wanted the Partners branch to appear hyper-real, while also having the magical portal and world hovering in the background. Daniel explains, “It would have been much harder to get the effect right if we had actually taken a person to the branch and filmed it like a real scene. In order to put something behind a real person, you’d need a greenscreen anyway. So instead we decided to film the performer on our greenscreen at the admin office for every shot of the video. We went and filmed the backgrounds of the branch separately. It was actually a pretty quiet afternoon and we were able to get in and out without causing a fuss. That wouldn’t have been possible if we’d tried to shoot it like a real scene in the middle of the day.”

To learn more about how Partners created the special effects in the promotional video, watch the video clip above!