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New: Financially Fit Fridays

Partners presents, Financially Fit Fridays!

As the weekend approaches and before we get to thinking about how we will be relaxing or enjoying a few days off, what better way to kick it off then with some financial education tips! Ok, ok, who are we kidding… there may be plenty of more exciting and fun ways to kick off the weekend, but you can’t deny that our financial tips might just come in handy! That’s why we’re launching our All-new Financially Fit Fridays, where we’ll offer fun and engaging financial education focused on a variety of topics, accessible through our social media channels, Facebook Live sessions, on-demand videos, live webinars, and more!

Our goal with Financially Fit Fridays is to meet you where you’re at with the information you need most. As we shared back in June, we started leveraging social media for our Facebook Live sessions, and they’ve been such a success that we want to make sure we continue offering you quick, accessible, and helpful information to guide your financial journey.  We will continue to offer a variety of different financial topics from budgeting, to understanding your credit, to home buying, and of course we can’t leave out savings and planning for retirement! We recognize that everyone’s time is valuable, so with that in mind, all our Facebook Live sessions have been condensed to less than 20 minutes. And, to make sure you don’t miss an upcoming session, we will remind you on our social media platforms, so if you’re not following us, now’s the time to do so! Best of all, if you have a question during the live session, we will have our financial education teams standing by. Don’t worry, we know that sometimes things come up, so if you miss a Facebook Live session, you will be able to view a recorded version at a later time directly from our Facebook page under “videos”.

Facebook won’t be the only avenue where you can find Financially Fit Fridays content. You’ll also be able to access new financial stories, trivia, and highlight videos on our Instagram account.  We’ll also continue to launch financial education blogs, all with the intent of helping you stay in control and in demand of your finances.

Be a part of our Financially Fit Fridays by following us on, Facebook and Instagram!