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New Card Management Features in mobile banking – Now Available!

Utilizing our mobile devices now a days seems to be our go-to for everything. From using it to check email, to update our social media status, to track our meals and fitness plans, to assist in managing our finances and of course to occasionally using it to make or take a phone call. I guess one could say that for many of us, the more information we can access and the more we can do with a simple tap or swipe of a finger, the easier life is (I know, maybe that’s a little melodramatic, but you know you agree). That’s why we’ve been working on some updates to our mobile app which will offer a few additional features that we hope will make life a little easier, especially while on the go.

One of the new features that I am a big fan of is the ability to lock or unlock a debit or credit card. Yup, you read that right! Now, you can lock or unlock a Partners debit card too, and all directly from the mobile app. I am embarrassed to admit, but I regularly misplace my debit card (I blame it on the never-ending pit that my purse tends to become). This feature offers me a little peace of mind in knowing that I can easily lock my card if I can’t find it, and unlock it the moment I find it, all without having to worry about calling it in, canceling the card, waiting for a new one to come my way, or having to rush to a branch to pick one up.

Another feature which can also come in handy (see what I did there), is the ability to set up card transaction alerts. Whether you’re trying to stay on top of your daily budget and/or monitoring your monthly spending, card transaction alerts can be easily set-up and modified directly from the app as well. There are two different alerts to choose from, either set an alert when a transaction amount has exceeded a certain dollar amount or set an alert when your monthly spend exceeds a dedicated dollar amount. Simply login to our mobile app, select Card Management under “More”, select the card (debit or credit) that you want to set up the alert for, and enter the amounts of your choice.

Finally, if being at home has led you to adding a land line and now you have a home number, or maybe you’ve updated your cell phone number (rare we know… but just in case), or maybe you’ve created a new e-mail address, you can update it all conveniently and immediately on the mobile app. It’s quick and easy! Under Account Information and Settings, select Personal Details, update your information and done.

These additional features are now available!