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Cast Member Rob Standing

Behind the Scenes of Partners Mobile Banking

“Yes!” As I walked up to Rob’s office, he was celebrating at his computer screen, scrolling through a long Excel sheet filled with text. “I’m just really excited,” he said, “We’ve revamped the way we are able to see Member comments for our mobile app. So, if you give us feedback through the app, we can see it immediately.”

The document Rob was scrolling through was actually a list of Member comments. “I want to go in and see what people think. We like to understand what the problem is,” Rob said, “Sometimes we’ll see that our Members were having trouble scheduling a payment, so we’ll look into that and see if it’s a bug. And if it is, we’ll schedule it out for the team to work on and tackle.”

Before Rob joined us at Partners as our VP of Digital Services in 2017, he worked at the Golf Channel, where he was responsible for managing their website and mobile apps. “I took it through three major overhauls and eventually I got into the ground level with their first mobile app,” he said, “After about five years, I moved over to handling all mobile properties for the Golf Channel.”

The Digital Services team works on the two main products that our Members interact use to digitally with us—Partners Online Banking and Partners Mobile Banking. “We’ve been focusing a little bit more on the Partners mobile app because that’s where our Members appear to be heading,” Rob explained.

Agile MeetingThere are some very big changes coming up for the Partners mobile app; the Digital Services team is working on a brand new app that will “address many of the comments that the Members have stated,” Rob said. “Yeah, you should be able to make an extra payment on principle. It should be really easy to turn your card, debit and credit, on and off.” These are just some of the requests that the Digital Services team has been working on, and they’re working on the foundation of the mobile app to make that (and more) a reality. Before the team can add in all of the new features, they have to build out the basics and have a strong foundation. “We want to make this app as easy to use, and as flexible as possible,” Rob said. 

Recently, Rob’s team rolled out a new update to Partners Mobile Banking (v6.3). The newest version allows our Members to view their Membership Number, Routing Number, and associated account information. This was a priority, Rob explained to me, because access and convenience for our Members is one of Partners’ core values.

As I began to wrap up our discussion, Rob wanted to say one more thing: “One of the reasons I am enjoying my time here at Partners is because there’s such a focus on the Member. All of our discussions come back to ‘Is this really good for the Member? Is this what the Member wants, and is this what the Member needs?’”

There are some very exciting updates up ahead for the Partners mobile app, but for now, I encourage all of our Members to continue providing the Digital Services team with your valuable feedback. I saw firsthand how excited Rob was to scroll through everyone’s comments and suggestions—your feedback will absolutely be heard. While Rob and his team may be doing the legwork, this app is a community effort and continues to evolve and grow thanks to you.

Formerly authored by Sarah B. at Partners

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