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Rob Maretsky, VP Digital Services

New Mobile Banking App Launching this Summer

The Partners Digital Services team is on a continuous quest to bring its Members the best in Online and Mobile Banking. With this goal in mind, they’re working on an all-new mobile app that is set to launch this summer. “We’ve received a lot of feedback from our Members, and there is a lot we want to do for them,” Rob, VP of Digital Services, says. “With the new mobile banking app, we’ll be able to bring some of those new features to Members right away—some very good ones—and it will also set us up with a good platform to continue to enhance and extend it.”

With the completely rebuilt app, there will be a lot more functionality. “Members were asking why they couldn’t view checks within the app and why they had to go online to view e-statements or to add a payee, so we’ve taken care of that,” Rob says. “In the new version of the app, we’re going to have an improved experience for depositing checks, you’ll be able to view your checks, view your e-statements, and you’ll be able to add a payee. And, if you don’t have bill pay already set up, well, now you can even enroll in bill pay right there in the app.”

Another important aspect is ensuring the new app’s ease-of-use. For example, reducing the amount of actions it takes to complete a task. “It takes about 14 taps and swipes in the current version of the app to transfer money” Rob points out. “In the new version it will only take nine.”

In addition to all of these new features, Digital Services is focused on what Rob likes to call, “The Three S’s.” “There are three things that we have to achieve before we will release the app,” he says. “Number one, is it stable? Meaning, it’s not going to crash. Number two, is it speedy? It must run as fast or better than the current version of the app. And Number three, is it secure? It has to be secure—there’s no second place when it comes to security.”

All of this will be tied together with a more modern look that is distinctly Partners. “We’ll make it feel like a Disney/Partners app,” Rob says. “On the login screen, we’re going to show one of three Partners statues—the statue in Burbank, the statue in Disneyland Park in Anaheim, and the statue that’s located here in Magic Kingdom. It shows our heritage and who we are.”

Rob’s excited to share the new app with Members and to start using it himself. “I’m not the typical member,” he admits. “I spend eight to 10, to sometimes 12 hours a day working on it. I may be more acquainted with it, but still, I’m passionate about it because I’m also a Member.”