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Mickey Moments with Angie

With the celebration of Mickey’s anniversary around the corner, I wanted to sit down with a Partners cast member who shares a special joy for Disney. One person really came to mind, and that was Angie. Angie works at the GC3 Branch on the Grand Central Creative Campus and has always been extremely knowledgable about Disney trivia at team events. I had a hunch that she might have some awesome Mickey stories. Below is our Q&A that followed:

So Angie, can you tell us about yourself and your career so far at Disney and Partners?
“I’ve been working for Partners over a year and a half. I’ve grown so much as an individual in such a short time. To quote Mr. Disney, “I’m just getting started.” I not only used to be a tour guide in Guest Relations at the Disneyland Resort®, my family and I also frequented Disneyland in my youth, so Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse are very much a part of my life. Even though I no longer work inside the original Magic Kingdom, keeping the magic alive with Members is still as important to me as ever, especially when I can financially make a profound difference in their lives.”

Tell me about your first experience with Mickey?
“Being born in 1988, I was definitely a “Disney baby” and was always surrounded by various Disney toys. I don’t remember my first ever encounter with Mickey; maybe it’s because he’s always been a part of me in some small way, but there have been many magical moments with young Angie. When my family and I would go to Disneyland, I always made sure I was properly dressed in any princess costume, especially Snow White. I would enter the gates as if I owned the place, anxiously waited to see my best friends, and strut my stuff with an “I have arrived” attitude. Upon seeing Mickey, I would run as fast as my little legs could go, hug him as if I hadn’t seen him in years, and then pose for the paparazzi, a.k.a. Mommy and Daddy. Nothing could touch me in this moment; seeing my best friend was all I needed in the world and was only preparing me for more memorable moments as a future cast member.”

What would you say was your favorite Mickey moment?
“Asking me my favorite Mickey moment is like asking which is my favorite breath of air; they’re all my favorite! Since it’s also Minnie Mouse’s birthday, I’ll share a fond memory of when my grandma met her for the first time at Walt Disney World. My grandma doesn’t walk very well and had to utilize a wheelchair the entirety of our trip. However, when Minnie came onto the scene, that all changed. Forgetting she was in pain, my grandma not only got out of her wheelchair to walk to her, she also gave Minnie a huge hug as if she hadn’t seen her in years. Hmm, this scenario sounds familiar…

In light of his upcoming birthday, I can’t help but wonder what makes Mickey stand out from any other cartoon character that’s been introduced to us over the years. Because his name is synonymous with his creator, Walt Disney, and with the Happiest Place on Earth, Mickey Mouse represents an escape, a utopia of magic that allows the old and young to join together and forget all worries the world imposes. Mickey has been the ambassador of joy and happiness for 90 years and has touched the hearts of many, which is why no other company pays homage to a character the way The Walt Disney Company does.

From the bottom of a little girl’s heart that’s been your best friend for 30 years, happy birthday, Mickey, and I can’t wait to celebrate many more years with you.”

Thank you for sharing your Mickey story with us, Angie! Don’t forget to celebrate Mickey’s Birthday on November 18th.

Formerly authored by Iain C. at Partners