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Making the Move to Animation

Making the Move to Animation

A career in Disney animation was always part of the plan for Alex. She may have taken a couple of detours along the way, including four happy years as a Partners teller, but she always kept her dream of working in animation alive.

Alex graduated from college with her degree in animation about 10 years ago. At the time, the country was still reeling from the 2008 financial crisis, and finding jobs proved challenging for recent college grads like Alex. Fortunately, an opportunity in banking fell into her lap. Even though it wasn’t quite what she had planned, she was happy to scoop up the opportunity and ride out the economic downturn.

That job in banking eventually led her to Partners. She became a teller at theBuena Vista Plaza branch in 2014 where she worked for about four years. She also worked in the Studios branch and in the GC3 branch, on occasion. During those years working as a teller, Alex always kept up with her artwork anticipating she would eventually make the jump to animation.

Then, when a production job at a small studio came up, Alex saw an opportunity to get her foot in the door and left Partners. However, it was short-lived. Less than a year later, the studio was bought out, and what Alex thought was her big break, turned out to be another detour.

But, what she didn’t know was that this detour would take her home. Now, the former Partners teller is back at Disney having landed her dream job as a Production Coordinator at Disney Television Animation. Alex is thrilled to be aCast Member again. “It’s like coming home,” she says.

Alex is a Production Coordinator for the DuckTales reboot, which premiered on Disney XD in August of 2017. As luck would have it, Alex is a fan of the show and grew up watching the original DuckTales in Korean. “Gizmoduck is my favorite,” she says.

Since returning to Disney about two months ago, Alex has bumped into several Partners Members who recognize her from her time as a teller. She even works with a few of them. “It’s exciting being back with people I worked with and knew when I was at Partners,” she says. “I still feel like I’m part of Partners sometimes.” Which is true, since she still has her Partners account!

Alex is also pleasantly surprised at how much her time as a teller helped prepare her for this new role. “Partners training and development has helpedme with managing current coworkers and artists,” she says.

Alex is excited about her future in Disney Animation. She hopes to learn a lot in her new role as a Production Coordinator adding, “I’ll see where I can go from here.”