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Blog - Journey To The Disney Family

Journey To The Disney Family

After graduating from Berklee College of Music, Trisha received an amazing opportunity to work under the extremely talented Lucas Vidal, Berklee Alum, at Music In Motion Productions in California. “Working with such a talented team in music production right next to the Venice sign was literally the quintessential LA experience.”

Her time spent at Music In Motion Productions, helped set the blueprint for her career. Trisha was exposed to a 360-degree of scoring in the industry, including seeing the process for trailers, musicals, films, and everything in between. Seeing how the music was designed for trailers instantly resonated with Trisha. “I really love epic orchestral music, and I got to record live strings for it. Seeing one of my pieces come to life with live strings on it was a fantasy come true!”

When Trisha moved on to her next step, she met Bill Ross at Momentum, and learned one of the most valuable advice – be light! “Working in the industry is like climbing a mountain. Most of the people never get off the base. A few determined people start climbing the mountain and the lighter you are, as in the less negativity you bring with you, the easier it is for someone at the top to extend a hand down to help you reach the top.” Heeding the advice from her mentor, Trisha actively worked on bringing a positive and fun atmosphere on every project that came her way.

Trisha hit the ground running when she moved over to DreamWorks TV. They were right in the middle of launching their shows across different platforms, and the wide gambit of shows from pre-school themed to action-packed animation. This provided an exciting challenge to set the music direction for each of the shows. “I really loved the challenge to make each show feel unique and special, musically.” Part of her role included reaching out and working with artists that would fit the show. “Listening to the artists pitch and then collaborating with them to produce the final version for the show is such a rewarding experience.”

While working at DreamWorks, Disney HR reached out to her for an opportunity to come work at Disney Television Animation as Manager of Music Production. It felt as if the stars aligned and all of her hard work had led her to the Disney family. Trisha and her family have been Disney fans ever since she can remember. In fact, that was the only place her family wanted to vacation to! Trisha has been loving her new role since, and working with all of her peers on each of the show. For the first time, it feels like home. “It is such great energy working at Disney. They are like family.”

formerly authored by Ryan W. from Partners