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2 Billion in Assets

Interlude – $2 Billion in Assets

In a reflective moment, I asked John, Partners CEO & president, “Isn’t it kind of strange to hit a milestone during the current conditions?” John and I were briefly catching up after his recent Board of Directors meeting and ahead of the weekend as he had just given an update on the state of the credit union considering the global pandemic and demonstrations.

After the briefest of pause, his eyes lit up in his uniquely inquisitive way with his boyish grin – “You mean hitting $2 Billion dollars in assets? It’s always important to recognize a milestone regardless of what’s going on around you.”

Reaching 180,000 Members and $2 Billion in assets places Partners in about the top 2% of all federally insured credit unions in the nation. Incredibly, Partners had about 100,000 Members and was $1 Billion in assets just seven years ago when I started – and it was only $400 Million when John joined almost 10 years before that. In those intervening years we’ve had recessions, expansions, and everything under the economic sun – yet Partners continues to outpace the industry average for growth and continues to be considered ‘safe and sound’ by any financial measure.

“We’ve travelled a long way,” John shares, “all 450 cast members now and a lot more Members. Sometimes, you just have to pop your head up, look back, and say – ‘Wow’ – look at how far we’ve come. It didn’t happen overnight, it just happened to happen today. Everything we do now, sets the stage for the future. But you know, that’s not even as important as thinking – ‘Wow’ – how many people have we helped along the way? How many more can we help if we keep going, always an eye to the future, how do we build on the momentum of the past and do even more with our talented cast?” John’s grin turns into a full smile, “I have some ideas on how to do that…”

Reflection over, time to look forward…