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Enrique's Painted House

It’s Looking Like a House: Part 8

Boom Box and Lightning Strikes

About two weeks ago, we drove to the construction site after work to check on any further progress, and were excited to see that all the cabinetry had been delivered and was sitting comfortably in its protective boxes in the garage. With a boom box playing loud music, a team of trim workers cut all the baseboards and nailed them to their specific locations around the interior of the house. We were so impressed at how quickly everything was happening now. After the drywall went up, the exterior cladding was finished, all the doors were installed, and the floor and wall tile in the bathrooms was also completed. The biggest surprise of all was that the exterior had been painted. This had been stressing me out a little since it is difficult to visualize a whole house painted in a specific color based off a small color chip. All the stress flowed away as soon as I saw that our selections worked well and made the house look complete–even though there is still so much work to be done!

Enrique's Painted House

After a few minutes in the house, we heard the rumbling thunder of a quickly approaching summer storm. It started to get very dark quickly as the wind picked up and, in a rush, we closed the windows at the back of the house and continued checking the progress in the rest of the house until we realized that the storm was right over us. As it poured, the workers kept their pace as if it was a sunny day. We proceeded to the front porch to give the workers their space and to appreciate the storm from a new perspective, then got shocked by a parade of lightning strikes close to the house. It felt like we were living that scene from War of the Worlds when Tom Cruise’s neighborhood gets eradicated by the alien attack. We could feel the electricity in the air as the storm passed over us. The thunderstorm lasted about 30 minutes.

So Much is Happening Now

Last week, on our next weekend trip to the house, we found that the driveway and sidewalk had already been framed for concrete and tile. The interior walls had been painted and cabinets installed. The countertops had just been finished and they looked amazing! The doors were painted and their door knobs installed. The A/C system had also been installed. We even have garage doors. There is still a lot more to be done including the flooring, appliances and detail work, but it is now really starting to look like a house.

Enrique's Cabinets

The day after the cabinets were completed, we received closing date details from the builder. Our lender, Partners, sent us follow up communication to fill out the mortgage application and provided us with a list of documents they require. We also researched home insurance companies and provided our selection to Partners.

My family and I are now getting really excited about the reality ahead of the closing and have been working on a list for everything we will need to do before and after closing. I can’t believe we will be in our home soon.

In my final reports, I will share details of the final inspection and closing experience, in addition to lessons learned.