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Fireworks, Raccoons and Drywall: Part 7

Our builder representative had told us that we were going to have prime view of Magic Kingdom fireworks from the house, and so on July 3rd, we took a trip over to our future home site to experience the Independence Day Firework Spectacular. Our family was surprised to see how clearly we could see and hear the beautiful show from the front porch. We could even hear the train’s whistle distinctly. The perimeter firework show didn’t disappoint. It is really going to be a magical place to live when we are finally in our home.

The Private Inspection

Inside Enrique's HouseAs mentioned in my previous update, we hired a private inspection company to come to the work site to review the work done thus far. We did this for our own peace of mind since we are obviously not experts in building homes. When we arrived at the house, the inspector was already there busy at work checking the framing in the garage area and taking lots of photos for his report. The construction site had been cleaned and prepared for the pre-drywall meeting. By now, the drywall had also been delivered and awaiting installation. All the electric lines had also been installed. The inspector took his time to point out a few things he noticed along the way.

The inspection took two hours to complete and, in the end, the inspector shared that the house was well built and that there were just some minor comments he would note in his report. For us, it was a huge sigh of relief knowing we were going to have a well-built residence in the end. The inspection company had the report completed by the next morning before the pre-drywall meeting so that we would be able to share with the builder.

The Pre-Drywall Meeting

The meeting took place at the house the next day. Once the Project Manager (PM) and our real estate agent arrived, the meeting began with a description of every detail of the house, starting with the exterior. Thankfully it was a cloudy day because it was really warm and humid that day.

Raccoon Prints

As we walked in the house, I happened to look down by the sliding glass doors and to my surprise there were a couple of raccoon hand prints made while the concrete was setting. I found it hilarious and had to take a photo of it to print and frame. Once in the house, we went through every room, focusing on every outlet (what they did and didn’t do), plumbing pipes, etc. We pointed out that two additional outlets we had added to the drawings were missing, and he noted the locations with a thick marker for the electrician to have them installed right away.

We then proceeded to the second floor and checked items in the laundry room including the gas line for the dryer. We learned that because we did not purchase the washer and dryer directly from the builder, we would need to have the gas company come to install a special valve so that when the dryer is installed, it can be easily connected. The builder’s only responsibility would be to bring the gas line to the location in the laundry room. Thankfully our PM explained this to us so that we are not surprised with additional expenses later on.

The PM made notes of any item brought to his attention so that those would be resolved prior to drywall install and the meeting finished with us signing off on all the findings.

Last Saturday, we drove by to check on the progress and were delighted to see that the insulation had been installed and had already passed inspection. They are now ready to put up the drywall. Now all the detailed work begins. More pictures and stories coming soon.