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The Roof Goes Up: Part 6

I was just looking back at some construction photos from early May when the builder broke ground on our lot and compared them with today’s photos. What an amazing feat to get to this point. We were told that once the foundation went up, there would be a lot of development. They were not kidding! Once the outer walls of the first floor passed inspection, the floor to the second level went in, followed by all the interior walls. Then we drove by the lot one weekend and the house already had roof and interior wall framing on the second floor.

The project manager has been sending weekly reports of each step of the process, which has been incredibly educational. Every Monday we get the report with the expectations for the week ahead and so far, we appear to be on target.

Enrique's HomeIn the last two weeks, plumbing lines and air conditioning duct work began. We took lots of photos of where all the pipes go within the wall framing structure. This would be helpful if we ever have any plumbing issues. We did notice a minor plumbing discrepancy in one of our visits. The master bathroom shower was supposed to have two shower heads facing each other. The specific locations for them were discussed in our pre-con meeting and drawn on the blueprints. One of the shower heads was installed facing the shower door instead, which was exactly the reason why we chose to move it. We took photos of the install and emailed the project manager with an explanation. He responded a few days later confirming that the plumber would correct the error right away as per our prior understanding. The roof dry-in (roof waterproofing cover) and a water vapor wrap for the second floor have now been finished. The bathroom tubs and shower lining, hot water lines and air conditioning duct work have also been completed. We even have windows and exterior doors already! According to the project manager, roof shingles and electric lines go in this week.

We are approaching the pre-dry wall meeting time frame, and for that reason, we have decided to hire a private inspector to examine the construction and provide us with a full report. In fact, our real estate agent recommended it. He shared stories of shady construction work that later caused the home owner much more in dollars, time, and frustration. Not to say this would be the case here, our builder has been quite professional, but this is our home, and we have the power to avoid at all cause any future challenges. There is a process we need to follow and have started the conversation with our builder to ensure we align to it. A specific date will be scheduled for the inspection, separate from the pre-dry wall meeting we’ll have later with the builder.

Enrique Family

Because building permits and inspections are public record, we visit the Orange County (OC) records online every other day to check on the progress. OC has been on top of all the required inspections and while some of the work has not passed their scrutiny, the builder has been swift to correct the findings. Based on this, there should not be anything surprising in our private inspector’s report. At least, that is what we are hoping for.

In the next few weeks, I hope to share with you how the inspection and pre-dry wall meeting went.