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Enrique New Construction Lot

We Have Walls: Part 5

It’s been about a month since construction finally began. The constant rain we’ve had in Florida in the last few weeks has delayed the crew in pouring the foundation slab but one day about two weeks ago, that process was completed. What a relief this was for us to finally see some action. Then last week, the blocks were delivered the day after the foundation set. The blocks went up as if by magic.

A builder representative handling the mortgage closing checked in last week to make sure that we were on track with the mortgage process. Our mortgage advisor, Jackie, quickly responded certifying that everything was in order.

This past Memorial Day weekend, we drove over to see if there was any progress. It had been very gray and windy because of tropical storm Alberto so we did not expect much change. When we got there, we found that all the wood for framing and for the roof line had been delivered to the site. There was a lot of it, everywhere. For the first time, we walked on the concrete slab checking out every detail, looking at all the pipes coming out of the floor and where everything would go. It is very odd, the house felt so much smaller than the model home because there were no interior walls or ceiling. It is hard to get a clear vision of the space without having the interior walls up, something that may happen in the next week, fingers crossed the weather cooperates. We took a bunch of photos for our album and imagined this place slowly becoming a home in front of our eyes. We then walked into the house next door that is about a month ahead in its construction and noticed how much detail work happens behind the walls.

Later that evening, I pondered about the complexity of building a home. Things we take for granted and that makes our lives so much easier take so much work, time and effort to produce. It amazes me how concrete, blocks, wood and other materials can be used together to build something that would protect us from rain, hurricanes, and provide us with security and comfort. The more days go by, I tend to appreciate this house even more, these materials that one day will become our home.

On the next chapter, I hope to share with you more pictures of the second-floor build and roof, along with the wiring and piping that go behind the walls and how it all takes shape.