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The Pre-Con Meeting: Part 4

The pre-construction meeting was just a few days ago, and it exceeded our expectations! We got to the neighborhood about 30 minutes early and took a drive over to see the lot. As we drove near it, we could see that the inspection board sign was already up in front of the lot. At the lot, in front of our eyes, was saw that the dirt had already been leveled, and the shape of the foundation had already been marked with dirt and stakes on all the corners. There was so much emotion at this moment because we couldn’t believe that the home that we had been dreaming about was finally starting to take shape. We snapped some photos, careful not to walk over the lot area that had already been marked, and started posting on Facebook to share the progress with family and friends.

Construction Blueprint

We then drove over to the sales office down the street to meet with the project manager. He was a tall man with a heavy Scottish accent. With the plans in his hand, we walked over to the kitchen in the model home we were in and spread out the large blueprints on the countertop. He took his time explaining how the whole project would take shape, starting with the framing for the foundation, the pour of concrete and then raising the house from there. In the blueprints, we verified any structural upgrades which included an upgraded master bathroom with a free-standing tub, large sliding glass doors to the back patio, niches in two of the showers, and a valet area by the garage entrance to the house. After that, we reviewed the electrical blueprints confirming where the light fixtures would be installed, and any upgrades.

The project manager was very helpful in answering all our questions. We asked if he could give us an idea of the timing for finishing and closing. He explained that once the cabinetry went in, it should be about 60 days from that time to close. This gave us a more realistic timeline, and based on that according to his schedule, we should be moving in the middle of September, if not a couple of weeks before or after. What’s next? There are two more meetings with the project manager: one before dry wall goes in and one at the end to review the home before closing. In the next week, we should have a foundation. We’ll continue to post photos of the process and any additional details. Stay tuned.