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31 Nights of Halloween

Get into the Halloween Spirit with Partners and Freeform

AC Image 3Spooky season is officially here, which means there’s fright-filled fun happening all month long on Freeform Network during its “31 Nights of Halloween” campaign. This year’s schedule is chock-full of Halloween tricks and treats, such as Hocus Pocus, Beetlejuice, Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, and many, many more.

Partners is also getting into the spirits with its “Not So Spooky Banking” campaign where Members can receive a spooky t-shirt as part of our Join, Refer, Apply promotion. We’re also talking to cast members all month to learn about their favorite Halloween films, and having some fun of our own.

To kick things off, we had a chance to connect with our Partners Marketing Technology and Campaign Manager, Sean, to find out what Spooktacular tale is his favorite Halloween classic.

Partners: Halloween is upon us, Sean. What’s your favorite “31 Nights of Halloween” film to watch at this time of year, and why?
Sean: Hands down, it’s Ghostbusters. I watched it several times as a kid, and, of course, I loved the theme song, so it stuck with me.

Partners: Oh, yeah, that’s a good one! Do you remember when you saw Ghostbusters for the first time?
Sean: No, not exactly, but it was sometime in the 80s.

Partners: Who is your favorite character?
Sean: It’s definitely Peter Venkman—he’s the funniest. Bill Murray kills me every time!

Partners: Sounds like you’ve seen this movie more than a few times…
Sean: Oh, yeah—I’ve lost count. I’ve probably seen it about 30 times at this point.

Partners: In that case, you must have a favorite scene…

Sean: Of course, it’s when Ray, played by Dan Aykroyd, accidentally chooses the form of the “Destructor”, and it turns out to be the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. The moment that is revealed to the rest of the Ghostbusters team is classic.

Partners: Do you have a favorite quote from the film?
Sean: Yes, it’s when Winston, played by Ernie Hudson, says, “Ray, when someone asks you if you’re a God, you say ‘yes’!”

Partners: Have you ever dressed up as a character from the film?
Sean: Not yet, but maybe this’ll be the year!

Sounds like fun Sean! We sure hope you share some pictures if you do!

Now, let’s see what Member Benefits Product Manager Mia had to say about her spooktacular favorite from Freeform…

Partners: Hey Mia. Thanks for chatting with us. What’s your favorite “31 Nights of Halloween” film to watch at this time of year?
Mia: Nightmare Before Christmas is my favorite movie of all time! Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I love how this movie highlights Halloween and brings such joy with its music and the story of Jack Skellington, his journey as the Pumpkin King, and, of course, the added twist of finding love with Sally.

Partners: When did you see Nightmare Before Christmas for the first time? Do you remember where you were?
Mia: First time I saw this movie was in my pink bedroom—I always hated the color pink, but since I was the youngest girl in the family, I guess I had to be the little pink princess! Anyway, I watched the movie on my tube TV which had the built-in VHS cassette player. I just remember being in awe of the story, the look of the characters, and the songs. And I remember being on my twin bed, bouncing around to the music, and watching the movie repeatedly.

Partners: Seeing that it’s your favorite movie of all time, is it safe to assume that the last time you watched it wasn’t on VHS?
Mia: Oh, yeah… I’ve watched it on VHS, DVD, and now with streaming. To be honest, I don’t know exactly how many times I’ve seen it. It’s well over 100 times.

Partners: Who is your favorite character?
Mia: My favorite character is Jack, for a few reasons. First of all, he’s adventurous and he tried something new—taking Christmas over—and even though he failed, he still went for it. Secondly, after he fails, he doesn’t stop moving forward. He realizes the joy in being the Pumpkin King, and that his life wasn’t bad. And, finally, he has an awesome pet named Zero, which is what I named my fur-baby, as well.

Partners: What’s your favorite scene in the movie?
Mia: My favorite scene is when Jack has fallen into the grave after being shot down from the sky, and he’s lying in the arms of an angel statue. He is feeling down and like a failure until he starts to realize that he is the Pumpkin King—not Santa. In that moment, it’s just pure joy as he starts to rattle off ideas for next Halloween.

Partners: What’s your favorite quote from the film?
Mia: “For it is plain as anyone can see, we’re simply meant to be.” I use this on my significant other a lot. It’s just something a little squishy that I’ve always enjoyed.

Partners: Have you ever dressed up as one of the characters from the film?

Mia: I have, and I would dress up like any of the characters—Jack, Sally, Zero, or even the Mayor. And it doesn’t need to be Halloween for me to channel any of those characters in my everyday attire.
Partners: Thanks Mia!

AC Image 1Next up, we’re talking to Angie from Marketing Business Development to find out what spooktacular tale ranks as her favorite Halloween film…

Partners: What is your favorite movie from Freeform Network’s “31 Nights of Halloween” event?

Angie: My favorite movie from this list is definitely Hocus Pocus. The Sanderson Sisters are supposed to be the “villains,” yet you can’t help but love them! From their showstopping performance to their genuine “love” of children, you just become obsessed with the them and the overall story.

Partners: When did you see the movie for the first time? Do you remember who you saw it with?

Angie: I first saw Hocus Pocus in the movie theater when I was five years old! I don’t remember exactly what I thought at that age, but my mom recalls that I thought the movie was funny and loved all of the songs the witches sang.

Partners: Who is your favorite Sanderson Sister?

Angie: My favorite sister is Winifred. I would probably blame her for my flair for drama and for my love of music since I’m always singing and being goofy!

Partners: How many times have you seen Hocus Pocus?

AC Image 2Angie: I’ve seen this film countless times! Every time it was on TV, I made sure to grab some popcorn and watch. I even watched it on VHS before we had DVDs! And of course, I’m watching it on Freeform this year for a trip down memory lane.

Partners: In that case, you must have a favorite scene…

Angie: Yes, one of my favorite scenes is when Winifred sings “I Put a Spell on You” with her two sisters as her backup singers. It’s one of the most over-the-top and best scenes in the film because Winifred gets to simultaneously show off her talent while also doing what she does best—putting spells on people!

Partners: Is there a line from the film that you’ve used in real life?

Angie: When we first meet Winifred, she opens the shutters on her window, looks outside and says, “Another glorious morning. Makes me SICK!” I’ve used this phrase on occasion when I haven’t yet had my coffee in the morning and I’m not quite ready for the day.

Partners: Has Hocus Pocus ever influenced your own Halloween costumes? If so, do you have any photos that you can share with us?

Angie: I’ve dressed up as a witch on Halloween many times! I’m convinced it has to do with my obsession for Hocus Pocus. Here’s a photo from one year when I dressed up as a witch. I never exactly replicated the Sanderson Sisters looks, but I did my best and I even showed off my drama skills! My sister is also in the picture with me dressed up as Minnie Mouse. As you can see, Disney runs deep in my family!

Partners: Love it! Thanks, Angie.

Next up, we’re talking to Senior Facilities Administrator Marc. Let’s find out what movie he picked…

Partners: What’s your favorite movie from Freeform’s “31 Nights of Halloween” event?
Marc: Matilda is my favorite.

Partners: When did you first see this film? Do you remember who you watched it with?
Marc: I just saw it for the first time recently. My daughters insisted I see it, so we made some popcorn and watched it together.

Partners: Who is your favorite character in the movie?
Marc: Rhea Perlman is hilarious as Zinnia Wormwood. She reminds me of Susie Greene from Curb your Enthusiasm.

Partners: Do you have a favorite scene from the movie?
Marc: It would have to be the scene with Bruce Bogtrotter and the cake. Miss Trunchbull, the principal at Matilda’s school, accuses Bruce of stealing a slice of her personal chocolate cake, and she decides to punish him by forcing him to eat a whole 18-inch cake, pretending to be kind.

Partners: Do you have a favorite quote from the film?
Marc: “Somewhere inside all of us is the power to change the world.” There is a lot of truth in that quote.

Partners: If you could pick one character from Matilda to dress up as, who would it be?
Marc: It would be hilarious to dress up like Miss Trunchbull, the mean principal of the school.

Yes, everybody loves a good villain! Thanks for chatting with us, Marc.

Now, here’s what Market Area Sales Specialist Jennifer told us about her favorite Halloween film…

Partners: What is your favorite movie on Freeform’s “31 Nights of Halloween” schedule?
Jennifer: It’s not Halloween until I’m watching Hocus Pocus!

Partners: Oh, yeah, that’s a good one! When did you see Hocus Pocus for the first time?
Jennifer: I was a kid when the movie first came out. Two of my friends and I would play in our yards pretending to be the Sanderson Sisters.

Partners: Who is your favorite character in the movie?
Jennifer: I love Sarah Jessica Parker’s character for her silliness, but Bette Midler, as Winifred, steals the show!

Partners: Is it safe to assume that you’ve seen this movie more than a few times?
Jennifer: Yes, I’ve seen it well over 20 times in my life. It is a yearly tradition. Matter of fact, I just watched it again this past weekend.

Partners: Well, in that case, you must have a favorite scene?
Jennifer: My favorite part is when the Sanderson Sisters perform “I Put a Spell on You.” It’s just so fun!

Partners: Do you have a favorite quote from the film?
Jennifer: My favorite line is the first one you hear in the movie, when Winifred says, “Oh look, another glorious morning… makes me SICK!”

Partners: Have you ever dressed up as one of the characters?
Jennifer: Yes! I dressed up as a “pretty witch” for Halloween one year, because that’s what I like to call the sisters.

Thanks, Jennifer!

Finally, let’s see what Diego, a Member Service Assistant at the Partners Katella Branch, has to say about his favorite “31 Nights of Halloween” film…

Partners: What is your favorite movie to watch at this time of year?
Diego: Hocus Pocus. It really gets me in the spirit of Halloween. Actually, it doesn’t even have to be October—it’s a movie I can watch any time of year!

Partners: Do you have a story about the first time you saw it? Were you with your family, or a friend?
Diego: My mom used to rent the movie for my sister and I at our local library. That’s how I discovered Hocus Pocus. We would then perform mini shows in our living room to the music of the movie. When it was time to return the videotape to the library, we would rent it again the same day. Honestly, we were obsessed!

Partners: Who is your favorite character in the movie?
Diego: I love Sarah Sanderson. She’s funny.

Partners: Is there anyone that she reminds you of in your life?
Diego: Actually, she reminds me of myself. Sometimes she’s just there to make people laugh. We have that in common. Plus, I really like her song “Come Little Children.” I sing it all the time.

Partners: How many times have you seen Hocus Pocus?
Diego: Easily, more than 100 times.

Partners: What is it about the movie that you love most?
Diego: I like movies with music, so I really enjoy the scenes with songs. In particular, when the Sanderson Sisters are placing a spell on all the children’s parents and singing “I Put a Spell on You.” It’s an exciting moment in the movie. Makes me want to stand up and start dancing.

Partners: Have you ever dressed up as a character from the film? What was the occasion? Would you be willing to share a photo?
Diego: I never dressed up as any of the characters, but I would love to dress up as Max next year though.

Sounds like a plan! Thanks, Diego.

Check out Hocus Pocus and other Halloween classics on Freeform. Visit for the full “31 Nights of Halloween” schedule.

Happy Halloween!