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Freeform's Halloween House 2019

Freeform’s Halloween House Returns To Celebrate ’31 Nights Of Halloween’

This year, Partners had the opportunity again to attend the #FreeformHalloweenHouse, an immersive adventure to the world of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, the Sanderson Sisters’ Cottage of Hocus Pocus, and other ghoulish delights. It was a first for my colleague and I, so we didn’t know what to expect.

In the heart of Hollywood, we arrived at this Halloween sanctuary. We were met with a dim and foggy foyer, and the presence of the undead serving refreshments and light bites. It wasn’t so much a foyer, but a spooky forest with cryptic paintings on trees, and the center most prominent tree – a doorway leading further in. To the left was a wheel to spin for a chance to win with Freeform, Party City, or Butterfinger. And to the right was the “SCREAM” room – enter if you dare. I did not dare! Though, I did try my luck spinning the wheel, and to my delight, I landed on Freeform and scored an exclusive drawing from The Nightmare Before Christmas Character Artist, George McClements. I requested for a drawing of Oogie Boogie and well, well, well – it was nothing short of impressive!

We explored further, beyond the trees, through its dark tunnel with neon shapes – a precursor of what’s to come. We arrived at a gravesite. Surrounded by headstones, we saw recognizable names on them such as Scooby Doo, Sulley of Monsters Inc., and members of the Addams Family. It was fun to read each stone with fun and witty inscriptions of the character. We looked ahead and saw the iconic cliff by the moonlight where Jack Skellington would have stood – what a fun photo op to stand on that same cliff.

We navigated through twisted hallways and arrived at the Sanderson’s Cottage. There was a wide variety of fascinating photo sets: from a spell room with a smoky, brewing cauldron and black cat (that moved when you least expected it to!) to a cage room meant for juvenile captives. I loved that the sets had costumes and props for us to get into character for our Instagram photos.

We continued on and saw creepy sets from Halloween Town, rooms with black lights and neon skulls, a living (torture) room reminiscent of the Addams Family, Oogie Boogie’s Wheel of Misfortune, and my favorite – the fountain from The Nightmare Before Christmas’ musical scene of “This is Halloween”! I approached it with intrigue and looked in to find it filled with spooky green liquid flowing from the creature’s mouth above. Brilliant!

We had an incredible evening at the Halloween House and loved all the photo opportunities. I have a renewed interest to watch some Halloween classics this weekend, including the Scream movie series. I’ll be sure to watch Freeform’s #31NightsOfHalloween this month—which Halloween classics will you be watching?

Freeform's Halloween House 2019