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Jessica The Ring

Finding The Perfect Ring

On a beautiful Saturday morning at Disneyland, Jessica, a new Member Service Representative at Partners, sat outside the Harbor Pointe Branch. As cast members walked through the backstage area on their way to work at the park, Jessica and her colleagues greeted them and said good morning. “We try to have a table outside every Saturday,” she explained to me, “just to let everybody know: ‘Hey, we are open on Saturdays now! Come on in.’”

Soon, a man walked by the table. “I said, ‘Do you have any questions for me?’ He smiled and said, “No,” and started walking away, but he kept looking back.” Jessica explained. “I called him over: ‘Come on, David!’ because he had his nametag on. ‘I know you have questions for me!’” she said to him.

David had something special on his mind: he wanted to propose to his longtime girlfriend Vicki, who is also a cast member in Anaheim. All he needed now was enough money to buy the perfect ring. Jessica helped him open up a checking and savings account to help him start putting aside the funds, but then she had a thought: “He was planning on proposing to her in about a year and a half. I asked, ‘Hey David, why are you going to wait so long?’” Well, he had to save up for the ring, of course. That takes time. “Well, we create magic here,” Jessica said, “Let’s make it sooner. Let’s do this now.”

Jessica was able to get David approved for a loan for the ring. He put that away and saved a bit more, and then he was finally ready. “I would constantly just call and check up on him,” Jessica explained, “Just things like: ‘how’s it going, have you have you found a ring yet?” Finally, one day, David was ready to make the big purchase. Jessica invited him into her office. “We actually looked online together. We did a little shopping around, and then I helped him finally order the ring,” she smiled. “I even held onto the receipt to make sure that Vicki wouldn’t find it.”

Of course, Vicki said yes, and the happy couple are in the beginning stages of planning their wedding; they have a date set in September 2019. They also have Jessica by their side, who is just as involved in the planning process this time around. “We’re talking about doing a loan for their wedding now. I just got married a few years ago, so it’s all fresh in my mind!” she said. “I know Vicki already picked out her dress. I already saw it. She came into the branch to show it to me. I know what her dress looks like and David doesn’t!”

“It’s such a blessing to be so involved. And they genuinely want me to be part of it. They welcomed me with open hands. I feel so lucky to be able to be part of it,” Jessica said. While she has only been with Partners less than a year, she has already experienced so much magic. “We genuinely have real relationships with these cast members, and I love that. I love helping them with anything that I can do. I love Disneyland. I’ve been an annual pass holder for ten years. This is seriously my dream job. I love what I do. I’m so excited to see what my future here holds.”

David and Jessica have reflected back on that fateful day at Harbor Pointe together. “It’s all because of the day,” Jessica said. “Every time I see him walking around the resort, I say, ‘Hey David, how’s the engagement?’ And his eyes just tear up. He’s so happy to finally be engaged. They are so happy. He constantly tells me, ‘I can’t believe I’m already engaged. I thought this was going to take another year.’ And I say, ‘No, David. Believe it. It’s real.’”

Congratulations to David and Vicki on their engagement!

Formerly authored by Sarah B. at Partners