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Financial Education on Partners Facebook Live

Financial Education on Facebook Live!

Why did Partners start Facebook Live education sessions?

Over the last several years, social media has continued to gain popularity as a tool for people to share their content, provide insight into their lives, and obtain news and information. As a result of the pandemic, we saw the demand for virtual options rise drastically. When it came to expanding our financial education program, we realized that as more and more people were remote, we needed to meet people where they were at.  With the events and impacts over the last year, we knew social media was where we needed to be.

Shifting to social media really led us to think differently. How do we make our educational offerings quick, accessible, and most importantly, valuable? We reviewed our existing presentation topics, their look and feel, and adjusted them to ensure they would work virtually. We reduced them to 15- to 30-minute sessions and enabled the chat feature which allowed our viewers to engage and be emersed into an interactive financial learning experience.

We launched our first Facebook Live session in April 2020 which could not have been scheduled at a better time when most of the world was headed towards a primarily virtual environment. We leveraged both Facebook and Instagram to promote our sessions, and even offered some Instagram and Facebook stories (temporary photos and videos) as teasers. Being mindful of the financial implications many of us were experiencing at the time, our first topic was Budgeting Essentials which had over 50 live viewers, and since then we have been able to reach over 9,300 viewers.

Since April of last year, we have continuously expanded our topics and have also offered sessions in English and Spanish.

What have we done in the past and how was the feedback?

Since the launch of our Financial Education program seven (7) years ago, we have primarily offered in-person sessions in addition to a few live and on-demand webinars. Participation and engagement for those sessions have been successful, averaging over 3,200 participants per year.  Our participants have always had the opportunity to provide feedback on the topics and overall experience, which has enabled us to continuously expand, improve, and evolve our educational offerings.

Since hitting the brakes on all in-person sessions and pivoting completely to live webinars and social media sessions, we have continued to modify our topics and make sure they resonate with our audience. We have also expanded our education curriculum to ensure that our presentations are representative of our Members and cast members. We have diversified the images in our presentations, as well as the type of content to align with various needs and wants of our participants. Throughout this past year of hosting virtual sessions, we have had the opportunity to engage with Members and cast members from all over the U.S. ranging from the Big Apple to the tropical islands of Hawaii. The positive feedback by our attendees has been overwhelming so we’ll continue to offer virtual financial education sessions in addition to in-person workshops once the country begins to return to normal operations.

Upcoming topics on the horizon

Looking ahead, we’ll be offering more topics in multiple languages and continue to offer Facebook Live sessions monthly. We are currently working on topics to help our younger audiences learn some money management habits (Teens and Money) as well as some additional topics focused on credit, specifically around credit reputation.

This month, we’ll be offering virtual sessions from Auto Buying to First-Time Home Buying, as well as Understanding Your Credit. Keep an eye out while you’re scrolling through your news feed for Partners Facebook Live education sessions coming soon! Don’t forget, our education sessions are open to anyone and are completely free!


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