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Express Branch Re-Openings Offering New Ways to Bank for Disney World Cast Members

When Walt Disney World reopened this summer, the three Partners Express Branches at Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Magic Kingdom reopened as well. The branches also introduced some exciting new features that have made banking with Partners easier than ever for Cast Members at the parks. We sat down with Danny Gonzalez, Vice President of Partners Express Delivery, who oversees the Express Branches, to talk about the new features they have to offer and the Partners Team that has seamlessly welcomed Cast Members back.

Partners Members at Walt Disney World have always relied on the Express Branches for their banking needs. “We wanted to make sure that those Cast Members who had returned knew that we were there to support them in any way,” Danny says. “We’re in the position to offer them a full range of services—whether it’s a personal loan, a line of credit or any other services that may help them at this time.”

Danny describes the Express Branches as back offices with Member Service Representatives (MSRs) who assist with resolving issues, answering questions, or providing information related to Members’ finances or any Partners products.

With the pandemic, however, the Express Branches have had to adapt just like everyone else. As a result, they’ve been able to introduce some great new ways to bank. “We’re doing a lot of cool things,” Danny says. “One thing we’ve done is move our Express Branches to appointment only. We’ve also created QR codes for each of our Express branches, and we’ve made those available in the common areas so people can just go and scan it with their phone and make their appointment to come in when it’s convenient for them.”

They’ve also launched Video Banking. “You can be in your car or even at home and schedule a time to speak face-to-face with an MSR,” Danny explains. “With this video option, Members can do their banking virtually, which truly allows us to stay connected to our Members at all times.”

Danny credits the Express Branches team for the success they’ve had in rolling out these new features. “Our Branch Manager Leigh Phillips and his team—Jose Picorelli, Sedric Joly, Dreiona Finley, and Chara Koukoullis—are doing an outstanding job, I really commend them for their hard work and dedication,” he says. “At the beginning of this whole situation, they were deployed to other areas. Half of them went to support our contact center and the other half went to support our mortgage department. In addition, they continued to support our Loan, Phone, and Web center. When they got the call that we were going back into the branches, they were all on board. They got the branches ready and have been available for our Members. They’ve done a great job.”

Since this interview with Danny, Partners has also re-opened the Lake Buena Vista branch in Orlando and are looking forward to re-opening the Burbank offices out in California sometime this year. Similar to the Express Branches at Walt Disney World, each of these locations will operate by appointment only.

In the meantime, Cast Members in Orlando are encouraged to check out all that the Express Branches have to offer. For more information, please visit