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Exciting Changes Coming to the Katella Branch

Amid the rise of the world’s tallest building (The Burj Khalifa in Dubai), blockbuster film releases (Iron Man 2), and historic wedding engagements (Prince William to Kate Middleton), 2010 was also the year that Partners Federal Credit Union’s Katella Branch officially opened.

Located in Anaheim, California, the Katella Branch has been dutifully supporting the institution’s vision of “making all financial dreams come true” for nearly a decade now.

In 2019, that mission continues. But—as it often does—time brings change. This year, the Katella branch will be getting an upgrade that is scheduled for completion in January 2020. Overseeing the refresh project is Partners’ very own Marc Easter, Senior Facilities Administrator and West Coast Representative of the Facilities Department.

Marc, who joined the Partners family in 2012, is working with the primary architect and general contractor on the project. Due to a favorable Tenant Improvement Allowance, Partners is able to make some upgrades to the Branch. Marc and his team will focus on lobby, office, and equipment improvements, including the addition of the Anaheim Regional Office, which will be located on the second floor of the Katella Branch. The new office is also slated to open in January of 2020.

Branch concessions will incorporate new chairs and desks, new carpet, and fresh paint. Updates to the Branch will feature electronic doors, Cast Member badge access, and background music to enhance the Members’ experience. “It should be a hip, modern space,” Marc says. “The Branch refresh will definitely see to that.”

One of the big highlights of the Branch refresh will be a brand-new 68” x  20” Partners LED logo that will feature prominently in the main lobby. When Members walk into the Branch, they will be greeted by a beautifully lit, iconic sign that will set the tone for the space and the brand.

In addition, we are moving from the current space on the fourth floor to the second floor to create the Partners Anaheim Regional Office. The second floor, a once under-utilized space, will be converted into a multi-dimensional office. It will be built out with eight stations for Cast Members, three spaces for “hoteling” visiting employees who need to conduct business while away from their own offices, one executive office, and one guest office. Modern chairs, tables, and electronics will also complete the look.

The Partners Anaheim Regional Office will also have a training room for Cast Members, which will be used for workshops, mortgage instruction, business development, and general training. And a new conference room will feature upgraded monitors and teleconferencing equipment.

“We want Members who come into the Katella Branch to notice the enhancements and we want to make it a place where they feel comfortable entrusting us with their finances,” Marc adds.

We hear you Marc. We look forward to checking out the Branch refresh in January.