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Celebrating Lunar New Year

Epcot & Lunar New Year

One of my favorite things about the Walt Disney World experience is how it is always expanding as new guest experiences are imagined and diverse cultures and holidays are celebrated! Since I’m lucky enough to be just down the street, and everything Disney is my life, I put on my mask, grabbed my hand sanitizer, and headed to Epcot to take in (and share) some of the magic!

EPCOT_Lunar New Year BlogUpon entering Epcot, I was blown away by how beautiful the newly revealed fountain is! It was thrilling to see this iconic piece of Epcot history return in a re-imagined way to welcome guests, just like it first did in 1982. The entrance plaza is adorned with new pathways, landscaping, and a color palette that ties in the new neighborhoods: World Celebration, World Nature, World Discovery, and World Showcase.

My next stop was to check out the newest fandom, Disney nuiMOs. I couldn’t resist their cuteness and picked up the all-time classic, Mickey, and of course for those who know me, Stitch! Adorned with fashionable outfits for each, we traveled to one of our favorite World Showcase pavilions, known for                               
its rich history and delicious food – China.

EPCOT_Lunar New Year Mickey 1The Lunar New Year is upon us on February 12th and I thought this was a great opportunity to celebrate with my newest addition, the Mickey nuiMo. Mickey and I traveled throughout the shops and food booths, exploring everything the beautiful pavilion has to offer. I picked up a “Panda” bubble tea from The Painted Panda Festival of the Arts booth and enjoyed it in the pavilion’s luscious green gardens while taking in the sights and sounds. With 2021 being the year of the Ox, I also discovered some merchandise in Ox accents, sparkling with red and gold. As I was checking out the merchandise, I was excited to learn from a cast member that the Ox symbolizes luck, strength, and stamina – which makes me excited about this new year!

Here’s hoping 2021 is full of fun and good fortune!

Original article by Jennifer M. from Partners