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Cocinando con Hola

¡Hola, Amigos!

Recently, I along with our Florida-site HOLA Business Employee Resource Group (BERG) team partnered with our friends over at Walt Disney World to present our very first “Cocinando con HOLA” experience. Originally, this was an idea that flourished during Hispanic Heritage Month in an effort to feature our amazing Hispanic/LatinX Chefs throughout Walt Disney World. We also wanted to offer our HOLA members and fellow cast members, or Nuestra Familia as we like to call them, an opportunity to celebrate their food, culture, and traditions.

So we invited one of our very own Disney chefs to show us how to prepare a dish that would not only be a guaranteed crowd pleaser, but that could help others try something new in the comfort of their own home.

Chef Adrian Mandry, currently the Area Chef for ESPN Wide World of Sports, has had quite the culinary journey. He started his career at the young age of seventeen with the Walt Disney World Resort Food and Beverage team. He then went to serve as a cook in the infantry unit of 1st Marines and was running his own restaurants by the time he was 23. Now, he is back in the place where it all started, Disney.

When we asked Chef Adrian if he would help us kick off the new Cocinando con HOLA series, he not only accepted, but also was thrilled to be able to share one of his favorite recipes with our familia. Canoas de Platano is a dish that his stepmother used to cook and is an homage to her and their Puerto Rican culture. He felt it would be a recipe that is authentic, tasty and easy for us to recreate at home. The best part about this dish: Canoas de Platano, can be made in a variety of ways, giving you the opportunity to customize it to your taste or your culinary curiosity.

We invite you to join Chef Adrian and our good friend Sarah Domenech as we go through the ten steps to creating your very own Canoas de Platano! Check out the video below!

¡Buen Provecho!