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The Anaheim Car Sale Returns!

The Partners Anaheim Car Sale is BACK! After two years on hiatus, the Car Sale made a glorious return to California. Thanks to the hard work of many teams across Partners, as well as the support of our Members, it was an incredible weekend–over 100 Members went home with vehicles! We sat down with Danny and Priscilla, two of the Partners cast members who were integral to the success of this event, to hear their thoughts. 

Tell us about the process of getting the Car Sale back in California.

The California Car Sale was amazing. Based on the experience and feedback from our 2015 and 2016 indirect sales, both cast members and our Members have been asking for a car sale event with more of a Partners presence and Disney touch. We listened and set a plan in place. We began working with our Orlando Car Sale Leader/Committee and were able to integrate their process. With their help and guidance, we were able to execute a car sale that yielded over 104 sold vehicles funding over 2.1 million dollars. Although we were unable to offer Partners protections products such as MBI and GAP, we were able to protect our members with our PLP product covering approximately 40% of loan dollars funded. We were able to place over 100 excited and smiling Members into vehicles which made the many, many hours of preparation and hard work completely worth it. For our very first direct car sale, the feedback and results thus far have been phenomenal.

What did it take for Partners to get everything ready for the big day? 

To get ready for the big day, it took coordination between CarsNet, AutoNation, Business Development, Marketing, Branch leaders and branch teams. Communication and support was pivotal and key to our success. We worked closely with our partners at the Disneyland Resort ® and our teams in Burbank, Glendale, and Florida. We specifically thought of each step our Members would take during the event to ensure a true Partners experience.

Were there any particular Member stories from the event that you can remember? 

We had a young Partners Member, Lesley, who was so overwhelmed with emotion and excitement. She purchased her first car at the sale and was over the moon. She wanted to commemorate the day, so we let her know we would send her the “sold” sign she held, and she about burst into tears. We had another Member who worked for Mercedes. He said that even as a Mercedes employee, he couldn’t believe the deal he was getting on his wife’s new car.

Thank you to our Members and our Partners Cast who helped make the Anaheim Fall Car Sale such a success! For our Orlando Members, make sure to mark the weekend of October 27th& 28th on your calendars—the Orlando Fall Car Sale is next!

Formerly authored by Sarah B. at Partners