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Congratulations Mike on 25 Years with Disney!

Congratulations Mike on 25 Years with Disney!

When I recently hopped on the phone with Mike to talk about his 25th anniversary with the Walt Disney Company, one of the first things he did was apologize for being a few minutes late to our call: “I apologize for calling you a bit late, I was helping a Member with her account,” he explained, “She told me she had concerns, that she’d never be able to get approved for anything. But I was able to take a look at her situation and realized that we’d be able to help her out. She’s now looking at paying about $130 less per month. She left really really happy.”

It was easy to gather from our conversation that Mike’s favorite part of his job working our Members. For the past 15 years, he has been working at our branches throughout the Orange County market, most recently as a Member Service Representative in our Harbor Pointe Branch; he has certainly made many financial dreams come true in his time. “I love being able to help and getting to see the benefits that I’m able to bring to them. That’s what makes it so enjoyable for me,” he said.

Congratulations Mike on 25 Years with Disney!It’s no wonder that Mike loves working with Members at our branch located backstage at Disneyland: he started his Disney career working in the parks himself: “I started out working on Main Street, U.S.A., for the restaurants. It’s funny,” he said, “because the place where I met my original trainer is about 30 yards away from where I’m sitting right now. I could open up that window right now and I could see right where the trainer met me on day one.” Because he worked in the park for so many years, Mike is easily able to relate to his Members. “It really is like an instant connection,” he explained.

Mike worked at Disneyland exclusively for seven years, beginning in high school, and then began looking to transition, hoping to challenge himself career-wise. He ended up working at a bank during the day, while also keeping a few shifts at Disneyland. Eventually, he applied to his job at Partners via The Hub, and has been working here since 2000. “I applied and was able to combine the two jobs I was working under one. So it worked out great,” Mike said.

When working with Members, Mike provides honest and compassionate service. “Seeing where I can help Members has always been my priority, and I do everything I can to try to help,” he explained, “They took the time out of their day to come in here to see us. So I want to give them the best service possible. I don’t want there to be any secrets. I show them the underwriting page and just say, ‘Hey, these are some of the challenges, this is what we’re working towards, and let’s see if we can help you out with it.’”

After chatting with Mike, it was clear to me that he loves his job and excels at it. At Partners, he’s found a role that is both challenging and rewarding. There’s nothing he loves more than interacting with our Members, and to top it off, he’s got that view right outside that reminds him of where he began his Disney journey.

But his story’s not over yet; Mike might find himself on the streets of Main Street, U.S.A. a bit more often in the upcoming years. “My wife and I have a baby girl, she’s going to be seven months old. And yesterday, we took her to the park for her third visit. She had on a little Minnie Mouse costume, and my wife really wanted her to meet Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse while wearing it. So that was the objective of the day yesterday!”

Thank you, Mike, for your amazing work at Disney, and congratulations on 25 magical years—here’s to many more!

Formerly authored by Sarah B. at Partners