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Hilda 25 Year Anniversary

Congratulations Hilda on 25 Years with Disney!

Recently Stephanie, the Branch Manager at BVP, came to tell us about Hilda and her 25-year career with the company: “In the past five years I have been here, I never seen Hilda without a smile on her face.” Hilda is a teller and is often found sitting at the greeter’s desk at the front, ready to welcome our Members into the branch. From talking to Stephanie as well as a few Members, I soon learned that nobody can say enough good things about Hilda’s positive, uplifting personality and her genuine kindness and positivity for everyone she encounters. I knew I had to hop on the phone with Hilda to learn more about her story!

Hilda began her Disney career in 1993 at Vista Federal Credit Union, which eventually became the Partners we know today. She explained to me that when John Janclaes, our current CEO, came to Partners, he invited Hilda out to lunch to learn her thoughts on developing the company—especially on perfecting our Members’ experiences. “As I was talking,” she explained, “his notes got so long that he had to use a napkin to write down everything that I was suggesting!”

As Hilda told me her story, she was full of laughter and amazing energy. I suddenly understood what Stephanie meant when she said she’d never seen Hilda without a smile on her face—I could hear the smile over the phone! “I love my job so much, I do,” she answered. “I love seeing all the Members that come in because I get to see them go through different stages: I get to see them grow up, some move around the company, some are promoted in different areas, but I just love talking to them. It’s great to help all of them with their financial banking needs, and I just love to see the Members’ smiles and how they will come in and ask for me.”

And if there’s anything I learned about Hilda during my short chat with her, it’s that she loves her job, but she loves engaging with Members even more. Kathleen, who has been a Partners Member for over 41 years, told me that she visits the BVP branch weekly and always goes to Hilda. “It is always such a joy to see her—she always has a smile on her face. Not only that, but she goes above and beyond to help me with whatever I need. It’s such a pleasure to work with her,” Kathleen said. “Sometimes I’ve even stood in line to see her, just because I look forward to it so much! She’s special, she’s a real dear.”

Roy, a producer with Disney Animation, had this to say about Hilda: “I, too, am a 25 year veteran and have been going to the Partners Branch in Burbank since it was the Vista Branch—so I’ve known Hilda for a long time! She is a joy. She greats me with a smile and is always incredibly helpful. More than any banking experience I’ve ever had, I always look forward to coming in and seeing Hilda.”

Whether it be her fellow cast members or a Member coming in to visit her, Hilda brightens everyone’s day. It is amazing to think that Hilda has providing such incredible and thoughtful member service for 25 years–here’s to many more years of smiles! Congratulations Hilda!

Formerly authored by Sarah B. at Partners